Friday, April 4

On Cars

Mcj was reading the local paper yesterday and when he put it down, he showed to me the ad for a car and said, "you can buy me this". Yeah, from my blogging moolah. lol. I said, I haven't got a car for myself yet, you can buy me that. According to him, that will be one of the car that I would be taller than as it is only 1 meter high. Cool! But how much would it cost? I am not keen to check as I'm sure I can't afford it, for now. :)

You see the car is sort of like a sports car and very small, not like the Dallas limo. Check this out.

It is not an ordinary or common limo that I have seen. This is huge. Do you agree?

Anyway, if I want a car it wouldn't be like that. lol. But it would be nice to ride a limo as big as that. I haven't been inside the limo, mind you. Poor me. :)

As I've mentioned many times, I already know what type of car am I going to buy but since we won't be buying soon, I have to keep on looking as new models are always introduced for different brands.