Saturday, April 12
Those are metals twisted in different direction to create a canopy for the walk way in the park. Bougainvilleas were climbing on it to create the shade. Sorry, but I don't know the name of this architectural design.

More photohunt here.
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 10:14 pm |


At 11:20 pm, Blogger Sonia said........
Wow! Just amazing sculptures! Great photo!

At 3:01 am, Blogger John said........
Great shot and a good idea for the theme.

At 4:25 am, Blogger Liza said........
awesome picture! very clever :) i played too!

At 8:08 am, Blogger Katney said........
That must be amazing when everything is in bloom.

At 8:33 am, Blogger Sarge Charlie said........
nice entry

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