Thursday, April 10

Is It Shopping Time Yet?

I love shopping, Mcj would vouch for that. But since I don't go out that much, I don't shop that often like I used to. The practical wife and mummy had grown on me already that I don't see the point of buying clothes, shoes or bag most of the time when I don't wear them much often. I don't dress up at home, so that explains it.

But having Jens gives me the opportunity to shop more often. It's amazing how babies grow up very quick that you need to buy clothes almost every two or three months. Plus, with the changing seasons, it's imperative to shop cloths apt for the season for the little boy. And then there are the toys and books that we want him to see, play and read. And more stuff that babies need. I love it.

We shop when the need arises or better put, when we have time. We don't really go with what's on sale or how much discount that a certain store offers. Our shopping habit is more of a necessity and based on the time we have on our hand.

But did you notice that shops always have sale on holidays or days after the holiday? Just like the thanksgiving sale on Monday after the Thanksgiving, which they call Cyber Monday. Various stores offer online coupons. Take the bestbuy, which offer free shipping for some selected products as well as some select camera accessory purchases.

Most of the big chain stores in our side of the world, also have big discounts on holidays. It's fun shopping during these season. :)