Friday, September 29

Spring Means Strawberries

I may sound like a broken record but I love strawberries. Isn't it obvious with my cursor? ;))

And with Spring here in Queensland comes the produce of Strawberries. There are many strawberry farms here that now sell the produce and I have seen some while we were on the road. Fruit markets sport lots of boxes of strawberries. There was even a Spring Strawberry Fair in the shire two weeks ago.

Last night, I got a taste of the local produce strawberry. It was not sour, not bitter, not too sweet. Just mild. Just the way I like it. I reckon it tastes better than the produce in Baguio or I may have just forgot how Baguio strawberries taste like. ;))

I am having my share again right now for my late brunch. Want some?

Exciting News

Foggy morning is sooo common and usual in the province in the Philippines. It's just so nice to wake-up early, smell fresh air, see the fog formation and walk on the grass with morning dew. I've never ever experience this though in Manila but it was always foggy from industrial and vehicles smoke. :))

Yesterday, I've experienced a really foggy morning here. It was first time for me. When I opened the door, whoa, it was zero visibility with-in 100 meters-ish. And just like a child who got her first lollies, I was so loud and could have woke up Hubs if he wasn't already. I even secretly exhale through my mouth to see if there are cold smoke coming out. Hehehe. I just wish it would happen here but I didn't pinned for much hope for I know and as Hubs told me, it isn't possible especially now that summer is almost here. I was expecting of the same experience today but there isn't anymore.


I chanced upon my ex-boss cum friend, B, online in yahoo messenger for two days in a row. We didn't had a long conversation on the first day as she was at work and I, on the other hand, was on the go to help Hubs. But on the second day, which was the day before last, we both had more time to spare, she waiting for the report and I was just hopping around the net. And the news about her that she told me really got me excited. Imagine, she has a budding lovelife for the first time in her 36 years of existence! The news really made me probe for more bits and pieces which she happily told me. She was even asking for my advice as she put it, I am more "experienced" than her in the lovelife department. As if, I have known lots of men and get involved with them. Hehehe.

I am just happy for her. The way I see and know her, she has everything that she wished for except for a boyfriend. I think, 36 years is more than ripe age to start on having one. ;o) I hope the next news that I will hear from her is, they're officially a couple. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 27



This came from our mailbox. Seeing it first time, I was quite surpised to know that there's an island named after us. I haven't heard of that nor read anywhere for that matter. Hummmm.

It turned out, after reading what's at the back of the card, that it is a promotional card from Golden Casket, a lottery (if you may call it that) company. Hubs is a member. We've been betting before but didn't put any these days.

Anyway, it was about imagining owning an island, named after you. It sounds exciting and that could be made possible if you put on bets in one of the draw, that is simply put on the card . If only we could get lucky big time. Hehehe!

Sunday, September 24

Useless Effort

I've changed my blog skin overnight and then reverted it to the previous.

And now, I am tired.. tired of surfing for the one that I will like, for changing layouts, for changing properties of my add-ons, for just simply clicking the Save Template, Republish and View Blog. My back is aching and arm muscles (if i have) are tense.

My effort are put to naught.

I am the kind of person that always make a model of something in my mind and only then will start looking for that thing. I don't window shop first before choosing rather, I imagine what I really want will look like and shop. And because of this, I often get frustrated and disappointed. It looks like I am not flexible but it's just the way I am. I won't have something just for a compromise or just being complacent. But good enough, when I have found the "thing" that I want, I am truly happy.

And today, is just one of the frustrating one. But this doesn't stop me from searching or creating a new look. One that must conform to my particulars.

Wednesday, September 20

Fly away..skyline.... toot toot.. fly.

It is not always that a bird knocks on your door in a not-so-windy and sunny afternoon. What would you feel if it does happen? I would feel lucky, as some untamed birds fly away just on hearing distance but one on your door? Hummm, it must be heaven sent.

But in my case, it's not! It is one crippled little poor pretty fella that knocked on the closed door. I don't feel like I've won $1 in a lottery at all.

Minutes ago, while I was facing the computer (again) and browsing on the net something was somewhat thrown on the door and fell down the floor. What was it? Who the h#ll would bang your door with a stone in broad daylight? Well, it wasn't like a stone as it didn't left any scratch on the glass and it wasn't loud. When I went out to check, it was this beautiful creature limping around.

He might have been flying through and accidentally hit it off the door. He might have been looking back or winking onto his crush and unfortunately not saw his way or showing off to his mates that he can crash on the door and wouldn't get hurt. Hummm, I might find out as I am planning to interrogate him as soon as he has rested. Hehehe!

Kidding aside, I admired his color when I saw him first, then, went pity on him as soon as I know that he can't fly let along walk gracefully. And so, I picked him up and placed him on the pot where Lucky can't reach him. Red Bick would be at the mercy of Lucky once he spotted him. I might give him a comfortable accommodation later while he's sporting a broken leg.

Now, I wonder what’s next will bang on the door!


Yesterday, we happened to be in Beachmere, and by its name, obviously, it is on the beach side, close to the beach, along the beach, just mere beach..... or whatever as long as it has to do with the beach. Hehehe!

I didn't passed up the chance to dip into the water, NOT, but to just walk around the area... not far off though else Hubs might not find me when its time to leave. The water was not so alluring that you would not, in no time at all, find yourself wet let alone your feet as, it smelled fishy or I was just fussy as there were two teen-age bikers who, it seem to me, trying to catch fish in a made-up lake along the shore.

Anyway, I just took some shots and left off. The idea of frolicking into the water isn't charming, feeling that the temperature was still below 20.

Here, look what I've got... nothing astonishing though! ;(

New Found Passion

I was always fascinated by photos that have blurred backgrounds. Sometimes, I was jealous I may say, because I have been trying my luck in our camera to capture and frame such, but to no avail.

With my frustrations and eagerness, I just dip into photography (or I may say, the features of our camera). I reckon, these days are the perfect time to dig and unravel and learn and practice on the shutter button.

And so, one night when all the laundry was folded and neatly put away, when the dishes has been wiped and stacked in the cupboard, when the children has been put and tucked-in to bed.... now now... don't think that I am doing all these stuff (we don't have a child yet). Hehehe! What I just merely mean was, when I was bored one dusky moment and Hubs was not around, I sit infront of this computer like what I am doing right now and searched for online photography lessons, that are free of course. I found many but read one, but didn't go through it all as Hubs arrived and recommended me to browse our camera manual. Hummm, the first pages that I opened were, guess what? The use of aperture value and this thing is exactly what makes photos that have blurred background, well, that is if you have turned all the tuning and pushed the right buttons correctly. Ain't I soooo great that I know what pages the stuff that I was really looking for? Don't think that I am. Hehehe. Those pages that I happened to open were bookmarked. Don't be fooled. ;))

That night, I just read and sometimes understand the manual as well as did some practice on my foot. Hehehe. I did't got what I desired so I just put the cam away and forget it for the moment. Tomorrow, be sure that I will pick it again. And pick I did.

While Hubs was having breakie (My breakfast can wait but I can't), I grab the cam, wandered around and finally after a few not desirable snaps, I took what I wanted. Yaaayyyyy!

My subjects for now are flowers/plants (see below) as they are of abundance here. And besides, with photos that I've seen before using the aperture value were of flowers. I am quite satisfied with what I was able to framed and might move on to the next feature when I have decided what it is. Momentarily, I might focus on perfecting the use of aperture value as sometimes, I can't decipher why is it not increasing even when I have turned the tuning up. Might be the light around the subject? I don't know, if I knew I'd tell you. Hehehe!

You bet, more updates coming soon for my new found... passion!

Tuesday, September 19

Sunday, September 17

Beautiful Sunday

I woke up late today, despite Hubs constant rocking on the bed because he’s getting chill on his kidney (I don’t know what exactly was that – hehehe) and him getting up right after two alarms on the mobile phone. Soo unusual of him, who must be dragged out of bed or greet his nose with steaming hot cuppa before he can make use of his senses. I long for a really long stay in bed especially in a cool morning and not to worry what time to get up as I don’t have an idea where and when are we going out. So that was it.

Just while I was cooking my breakfast (only mine as Hubs doesn’t really feel like having one), he announced, We’re going out now! Whoah! I am not half through cooking the scrambled eggs yet (yup, I cook.. but only eggs – which should be omelet but I don’t have an idea what should go with it) and the kettle wasn’t on yet for my coffee. Well, I just pleasantly told him, I am staying home and that would mean I would be all by myself until they came back. [Please don’t tell the burglars this ;o)] I just closed the gate right after they left. Now, I feel a little safer. We’re in a very quite neighborhood but the next door people might not even hear if I scream as the houses are 100 meters - ish afar. Ohhh, get this morbid idea out my head. ;o} Kidding aside, I am getting used living in a very quite jungle. Hehehe.

Anyway, the weather is really becoming beautiful today. More apt to the Queensland Tourism Slogan, Beautiful one day, perfect the next. That is if you don’t mind a few drizzles now and then which make the temperature a notch lower.

Being alone here, I was able to blog-hopped as long as I want, read personal and forwarded emails and able to scribble this post. Humm, I might want to watch an old movie Babe later which I found from the boxes the day before last. Hopefully, Hubs will be home a little early so we can sway to the bookstore and grab some for me to read for the next days. I am running out of things to read, books, magazines…. Ohh well, I haven’t dug out from the old dailies yet. Hehehe!

For now, back to blog-hopping…. And to my iced coffee.

Have a great week-end everyone!

Saturday, September 16

Homey Tips

Thought you might find these bits and pieces handy. Naye, I didn't learn these first hand. I want to be domesticated as I want to be, but I am too novice a stay-at-home-wife to unfold any secrets. ;o) Had read these from one of the magazines that I had been reading recently. They aren't complicated nor sophisticated so any household could make use of them.

1. If you have a large surface to glue, spread the glue with an old comb - it works much better than a brush. - handy for putting on wallpapers

2. Cook sliced onions in the microwave until soft before browning them on the barbecue. They taste nicer and brown more quickly. - I only learnt here that barbecue should have onions ;o)

3. To clean the esky (cooler for you in the Philippines), dissolve some dishwashing powder in hot water, put it into the esky, top up with cold water and let is stand overnight. - I could use this, our eskies are really grunge.

4. When travelling, pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case you bags get lost or delayed. - Jet-setter, this is for you.

5. Before using a public barbecue, cover the hot plate with aluminium foil and spray it with cooking oil. Discard when finished. - Parks here usually have barbie for picnics on summer.

There you go! -D

Monday, September 11

Tennis and Breakie

Roger did it again. Kudos to him! Three in a row.

I was beaming with pride and sheer joy when the poker-faced tennis champion dropped on his knees and rolled on his sides after the championship match in the US Open. Overwhelming emotions could be overflowing to him, his mates and to his fans, especially to MAH!

The match was aired a little too early here but we were able to catch it as Hubs had to get up and let Lucky in after an hour of parade, meowing and scratching on the door.. just in time. Hubs has full knowledge that I am a big fan of Roger so getting me make breakfast (during the game) is like nudging a hill to move with your toes. Hehehe. But I was only delaying the inevitable... like Andy Rodick did... scored the supposedly championship point of Roger.

But the inevitable has to come. Roger won and I got to make breakfast. Just as Andy got a freaking $500,000 bonus check... I only got to make toast and Hubs the coffee... He got tired of waiting a steaming hot cup to make its way to his palms. Ahhh! That's worth more than a $1M points for me.


Mall Directory

This afternoon, I was tasked by Hubs to went to BShop in Westfield, North Lakes, to have his mobile phone repaired, better yet, have it replaced. (The LCD of the phone just bugger-up and you can not read sms'es, either see the number of who's calling and yet you can make calls).

Brother-in-law G, has to drive me down there and we both don't have an idea where is this shop located in the array of booths. The first stop we made was on the mall directory. Boy, was I surprised to see how they schematized it (pardon my ignorance.. hehehe). Instead of indicating the store number on the directory itself, they had the legend on the top most and had the alpha and numeric numbering system on the top and right hand side. It is in some sort like you're looking for the position of a dot in a graph. (This is unusual to what I constantly saw back in the Philippines).

I thought, gee, this is quite organized a scheme. We could find the shop that we came all the way down here in an instant. Well, NOT quick, until the concierge has to point us to the kiosk at the center close to the directory itself. We were looking for a shop on both sides up to the opposite corner, when infact, it was just steps away from where we've been.

Apparently, it wasn't a user-friendly nor organized directory at all. That is for me! But! What's get organized was Hub's phone! There! ;o)

Thursday, September 7

Blogging from OZ

Yep, I'm now writing this post from OZ. Been here for 10 days to be exact. I had a quite tiring flight, with an overlay for almost 4 hours in Hongkong. Tell you, I really slept at the waiting lounge. What am I supposed to do with those looong 4 hours? Strike a conversation with a stranger? Nah! Almost everyone around me was talking Mandarin or so and so. I was blessed on the next leg of my flight, I was all alone on the row of seats so I was able to stretch and had a good night rest. Well, I am just too happy to arrive to my Hubs arms safely the next day - Our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

I only had one request for Hubs for our anniversary. To watch the sunset. Alas, we overslept in the afternoon that we were not able to catch the golden/orange rays of the setting sun. But we've caught the naked view of the sun giving way to the darkness in Bribie Island late last week. That'll do. Hehehe.

Time runs so fast. I have been in a lurking mode for quite sometime now. I've been busy with a little of everything since then. Been always on the go and I find myself at Hubs side always on the road on the suburbs north of Brisbane. That was before we had rain showers that we badly needed last week. Now, I am in the course of recuperating from a nasty cold. The last winter bite struck me hard. And just when I thought I was doing fine today (plan of going out with Hubs again), the Antarctic wind started to blow in this morning and made me don my pjs and sweater again. Grrrrr.

Friends, I have been reading your posts but pardon me if I was not able to share my two cents. I am sharing the use of our PC with my Hubs at night for the Bonsai website project and some invoicing. I know, I know.. I have some catching up to do.

For some reason, I can not update my CBox. It must have been due to the new firewall system that Hubs setup. But guys, I do read your comments.

Dangkin - thanks for hanging on to my cbox. hehehe. i know, i just know... it will work eventually. (fingers crossed)
Jean - just changed the url of your space. thanks for letting me know. (when is your interview at the embassy?)
She - thanks for dropping by. i've linked you up. =D

I may feel a little laid up today, but hey the weather is good outside. Sun's shining soo bright, leaves swayed by the wind to the east, wind bowling and howling.. Spring is definitely here. And, ahhhh... the unusual... hot chocolate for lunch. Hehehe.

I want to conclude my post on the bright side but, I just can't brush off my mind the passing of Steve Irwin. He's a great loss to the Australian and even to the world. Oh yep, still on the lighter side... I know that Everything has its own purpose and there's a purpose for everything. Only God knows.

Got to go. Have to continue vacuuming the office else, I'll find cobra amongst the files soon.