Monday, September 11

Mall Directory

This afternoon, I was tasked by Hubs to went to BShop in Westfield, North Lakes, to have his mobile phone repaired, better yet, have it replaced. (The LCD of the phone just bugger-up and you can not read sms'es, either see the number of who's calling and yet you can make calls).

Brother-in-law G, has to drive me down there and we both don't have an idea where is this shop located in the array of booths. The first stop we made was on the mall directory. Boy, was I surprised to see how they schematized it (pardon my ignorance.. hehehe). Instead of indicating the store number on the directory itself, they had the legend on the top most and had the alpha and numeric numbering system on the top and right hand side. It is in some sort like you're looking for the position of a dot in a graph. (This is unusual to what I constantly saw back in the Philippines).

I thought, gee, this is quite organized a scheme. We could find the shop that we came all the way down here in an instant. Well, NOT quick, until the concierge has to point us to the kiosk at the center close to the directory itself. We were looking for a shop on both sides up to the opposite corner, when infact, it was just steps away from where we've been.

Apparently, it wasn't a user-friendly nor organized directory at all. That is for me! But! What's get organized was Hub's phone! There! ;o)


dangkin said...

glad you find your way home :))

Princess of CJ said...

yup, we got home safe and sound.. with a wide grin!