Sunday, September 24

Useless Effort

I've changed my blog skin overnight and then reverted it to the previous.

And now, I am tired.. tired of surfing for the one that I will like, for changing layouts, for changing properties of my add-ons, for just simply clicking the Save Template, Republish and View Blog. My back is aching and arm muscles (if i have) are tense.

My effort are put to naught.

I am the kind of person that always make a model of something in my mind and only then will start looking for that thing. I don't window shop first before choosing rather, I imagine what I really want will look like and shop. And because of this, I often get frustrated and disappointed. It looks like I am not flexible but it's just the way I am. I won't have something just for a compromise or just being complacent. But good enough, when I have found the "thing" that I want, I am truly happy.

And today, is just one of the frustrating one. But this doesn't stop me from searching or creating a new look. One that must conform to my particulars.


sandra said...

ay naku, i know how you feel - dahil hindi ko nagustuhan, ibabalik ko rin sa dati hanggang sa ayoko na, pagod na ako :)

dangkin said...

=) 'can feel your pain :P

just try and try..everything worth your time after a while..

remember: patience is virtue..



Princess of CJ said...

jenn, my feelings exactly. for now, i'll forget the desire to revise my template. =D just go on blogging! cheers!

dangkin, i haven't bought patience yet. ;)) ta!