Wednesday, September 20

Fly away..skyline.... toot toot.. fly.

It is not always that a bird knocks on your door in a not-so-windy and sunny afternoon. What would you feel if it does happen? I would feel lucky, as some untamed birds fly away just on hearing distance but one on your door? Hummm, it must be heaven sent.

But in my case, it's not! It is one crippled little poor pretty fella that knocked on the closed door. I don't feel like I've won $1 in a lottery at all.

Minutes ago, while I was facing the computer (again) and browsing on the net something was somewhat thrown on the door and fell down the floor. What was it? Who the h#ll would bang your door with a stone in broad daylight? Well, it wasn't like a stone as it didn't left any scratch on the glass and it wasn't loud. When I went out to check, it was this beautiful creature limping around.

He might have been flying through and accidentally hit it off the door. He might have been looking back or winking onto his crush and unfortunately not saw his way or showing off to his mates that he can crash on the door and wouldn't get hurt. Hummm, I might find out as I am planning to interrogate him as soon as he has rested. Hehehe!

Kidding aside, I admired his color when I saw him first, then, went pity on him as soon as I know that he can't fly let along walk gracefully. And so, I picked him up and placed him on the pot where Lucky can't reach him. Red Bick would be at the mercy of Lucky once he spotted him. I might give him a comfortable accommodation later while he's sporting a broken leg.

Now, I wonder what’s next will bang on the door!


dangkin said...

poor little birdie..

maybe his mom or dad will be the next one to knock on your door..looking for their little kid.. he.he.he.

Princess of CJ said...


by late afternoon yesterday, he was able to fly and so we let him go. its a nice feeling to be able to help the needy. ;o)

Surfergirl said...

aba new look! :) hehe cute ng bird era!! looking forward to reading more era adventures in oz. :)

Princess of CJ said...

hehehe! thanks, jean!

just testing which template will fit best... i may change it again later.. hehehe!