Saturday, September 16

Homey Tips

Thought you might find these bits and pieces handy. Naye, I didn't learn these first hand. I want to be domesticated as I want to be, but I am too novice a stay-at-home-wife to unfold any secrets. ;o) Had read these from one of the magazines that I had been reading recently. They aren't complicated nor sophisticated so any household could make use of them.

1. If you have a large surface to glue, spread the glue with an old comb - it works much better than a brush. - handy for putting on wallpapers

2. Cook sliced onions in the microwave until soft before browning them on the barbecue. They taste nicer and brown more quickly. - I only learnt here that barbecue should have onions ;o)

3. To clean the esky (cooler for you in the Philippines), dissolve some dishwashing powder in hot water, put it into the esky, top up with cold water and let is stand overnight. - I could use this, our eskies are really grunge.

4. When travelling, pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case you bags get lost or delayed. - Jet-setter, this is for you.

5. Before using a public barbecue, cover the hot plate with aluminium foil and spray it with cooking oil. Discard when finished. - Parks here usually have barbie for picnics on summer.

There you go! -D


dangkin said...

it's always nice to have a big purse whenever you travel so you could put everything on it..

DH loves to put onions on everything..will ask him to try that..

we don't have any cooler..we don't need it where we live right now..he.he.he.


Princess of CJ said...

let me know once you tried the onion, would love to hear!