Friday, September 29

Exciting News

Foggy morning is sooo common and usual in the province in the Philippines. It's just so nice to wake-up early, smell fresh air, see the fog formation and walk on the grass with morning dew. I've never ever experience this though in Manila but it was always foggy from industrial and vehicles smoke. :))

Yesterday, I've experienced a really foggy morning here. It was first time for me. When I opened the door, whoa, it was zero visibility with-in 100 meters-ish. And just like a child who got her first lollies, I was so loud and could have woke up Hubs if he wasn't already. I even secretly exhale through my mouth to see if there are cold smoke coming out. Hehehe. I just wish it would happen here but I didn't pinned for much hope for I know and as Hubs told me, it isn't possible especially now that summer is almost here. I was expecting of the same experience today but there isn't anymore.


I chanced upon my ex-boss cum friend, B, online in yahoo messenger for two days in a row. We didn't had a long conversation on the first day as she was at work and I, on the other hand, was on the go to help Hubs. But on the second day, which was the day before last, we both had more time to spare, she waiting for the report and I was just hopping around the net. And the news about her that she told me really got me excited. Imagine, she has a budding lovelife for the first time in her 36 years of existence! The news really made me probe for more bits and pieces which she happily told me. She was even asking for my advice as she put it, I am more "experienced" than her in the lovelife department. As if, I have known lots of men and get involved with them. Hehehe.

I am just happy for her. The way I see and know her, she has everything that she wished for except for a boyfriend. I think, 36 years is more than ripe age to start on having one. ;o) I hope the next news that I will hear from her is, they're officially a couple. Can't wait!


sandra said...

i hope your friend has found mr. right :)

Princess of CJ said...

i hope too jenn! i would want to see her married. =D