Thursday, September 7

Blogging from OZ

Yep, I'm now writing this post from OZ. Been here for 10 days to be exact. I had a quite tiring flight, with an overlay for almost 4 hours in Hongkong. Tell you, I really slept at the waiting lounge. What am I supposed to do with those looong 4 hours? Strike a conversation with a stranger? Nah! Almost everyone around me was talking Mandarin or so and so. I was blessed on the next leg of my flight, I was all alone on the row of seats so I was able to stretch and had a good night rest. Well, I am just too happy to arrive to my Hubs arms safely the next day - Our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

I only had one request for Hubs for our anniversary. To watch the sunset. Alas, we overslept in the afternoon that we were not able to catch the golden/orange rays of the setting sun. But we've caught the naked view of the sun giving way to the darkness in Bribie Island late last week. That'll do. Hehehe.

Time runs so fast. I have been in a lurking mode for quite sometime now. I've been busy with a little of everything since then. Been always on the go and I find myself at Hubs side always on the road on the suburbs north of Brisbane. That was before we had rain showers that we badly needed last week. Now, I am in the course of recuperating from a nasty cold. The last winter bite struck me hard. And just when I thought I was doing fine today (plan of going out with Hubs again), the Antarctic wind started to blow in this morning and made me don my pjs and sweater again. Grrrrr.

Friends, I have been reading your posts but pardon me if I was not able to share my two cents. I am sharing the use of our PC with my Hubs at night for the Bonsai website project and some invoicing. I know, I know.. I have some catching up to do.

For some reason, I can not update my CBox. It must have been due to the new firewall system that Hubs setup. But guys, I do read your comments.

Dangkin - thanks for hanging on to my cbox. hehehe. i know, i just know... it will work eventually. (fingers crossed)
Jean - just changed the url of your space. thanks for letting me know. (when is your interview at the embassy?)
She - thanks for dropping by. i've linked you up. =D

I may feel a little laid up today, but hey the weather is good outside. Sun's shining soo bright, leaves swayed by the wind to the east, wind bowling and howling.. Spring is definitely here. And, ahhhh... the unusual... hot chocolate for lunch. Hehehe.

I want to conclude my post on the bright side but, I just can't brush off my mind the passing of Steve Irwin. He's a great loss to the Australian and even to the world. Oh yep, still on the lighter side... I know that Everything has its own purpose and there's a purpose for everything. Only God knows.

Got to go. Have to continue vacuuming the office else, I'll find cobra amongst the files soon.


dangkin said...

glad you arrived safe & sound..

now that you got to taste a little bit of winter, just imagine me being in "winterland" all year long.. he.he.he.

how i wish everytime we travel, we'll have 1 whole row to ourselves... :(

nway, have fun... be careful and don't get near that reef where steve was.

be good, girl!


Princess of CJ said...

suggest you travel on lean season.. hehehe!