Thursday, April 28

This Mother's Day

The Tatapilla has been asking me for days when is Mummy's Day. He seems to be excited about it. I asked him what's he going to do for me and replied with giving me stuff that they will make at school. Now that he understands things and days like this, I reckon Mummy Day would be different from the past 3 years. He seems to be keen to impress me. I'm not expecting mothers day gifts for mother as he is enough gift for me.


.. just this time, allow me to.

Queenslanders have been complaining on the train fair here in SEQ. But if you've gone to NSW, one will think.. we're a little bit better off.

Travelling in the Airport Link zone return (or two trips) costs $25. Yes, that's right. The entire zone is only less than 10 stations closer to each other. And one way or one trip is $15. It cost me that much for a paper ticket to travel to and from work.. and that is daily, how many trips you made doesn't matter.

Now, I have another reasont to be thankful that I live in the Sunshine State. I reckon, money doesn't matter (especially if you can go to cash advances)... it's the principle.


Passport Renewal

My Philippine passport will expire in the middle of this year but because of our upcoming trip back home, I have to renew it. The process when I got the the consulate was a breeze - just almost an hour. What I find the hassle was because the Phil Embassy here in Oz starting this year will only issue e-passport and the processing centers are only at the embassy and at the consulate in Sydney. The e-passport will require personal appearance as all the aesthetics of a person's face will be noted. And ordinary passport photos won't suffice.

One more glitch, if I may call it that, is the processing time. Because of this new technology (and maybe some data backup software), there's only one office that processes all passport applications and renewals and it's now mounting by the minute. The estimate is about 12 weeks... hopefully, I'd have it before out trip.

At least, now all I have to do is wait for it.

Monday, April 25

Flowers for the house

I love flowers and when I was single, being given flowers by a man (or a boy) rank highest to the quality of being romantic. Now that I am hitched, it's another story. I don't really want Mcj to spend heaps of money ordering flowers online - although that would be a very sweet idea. These days, I only buy flowers for the house... when it tickles my fancy. I know that when taken cared of, cut flowers last long but I am not that into cut-flowers anyway. I put them into the vase and they will last or not - can't be bothered changing the water. Besides, Mcj is already sweet and romantic on his own special way. When he wants to buy me something, he doesn't need an occasion.


It Was Love

I thought, this video is very moving with the vivid characterisation. Yet, the music is the contrast and I suppose it is just apt. We are happy that Jesus has resurrected and is with us today. The priceless gift God has given us. No material thing can ever compare. The instance of buy gold bullion in bargain is a fleeting dot a million light years apart.

It was love-What made Him bleed and cling to a tree
It was love-Unlike this world has ever seen before
It was love-What made Him bleed and cling to a tree
And get nailed to the form of a lower case "t"

To all my listeners; you're on my "got to get with ya list"
Scripture gives the run down, come now you've got to picture this
The evolutionist would call this ridiculous
Story of a love, a true love that got promiscuous
The true lover was a King they called Elohim,
Digt it, He was exquisite, always existed
For designer clothes He sported shekinah robes
The kind that glows, baggy, you know the kind that flows
He was awesome majestic, flawless, perfect with
All this you might ask what could be next
His outcry zoomed throughout the counsel of the Triune
Crank the volume, when God speaks it's a fly tune
"Let Us make man in Our likeness and Our image"
He sparked it, even before He started He was finished
And since it's a fact that every kid needs a nursery
Before He made man He made a universe-a world to be
A playpen you know a place to chill, one to play in
Fields to lay in, earth to rule, one to stay in
He took dust in His hands made a man
Breathed life into his frame, said, "Adam is your name"
It was all fun and games, no pain and no strain,
He named all the animals, they were pre-tamed
Man and his God chillin' like jellow with
Nothing to undermine the divine fellowship


Saturday, April 16

Crowd Drawer

How do you control a crowd as big as this? In some cases, one would use stanchions or other crowd control equipments. Well, in this event, security guards mere musts. These are eager fans who want to see their "idol" and if given the chance will grab every opportunity to touch her. I think the velvet rope has helped when the star was up the stage, to keep the fans away from it. Barricades were helpful when the fan was walking up to the performing area.

By the way, this is Sarah Geronimo during her Belo Essentials meet and greet in Cebu. Isn't she just a crown drawer?


My Favourite Month

...I still want to think up til now. See, when I was in the Philippines, April is the height of summer. The favourite month of the schoolies.. no school, summer activities, beach time. It's another story here in Oz. It's autumn, one of my favourite weathers.. not so hot, not so cold. And this year, a lucky year as Easter falls in this month. It's really hard not to be carried away with the commercialism of the lent season. The easter bunnies have taken over the true meaning of the lent - well, for a child that is. Every where you look at the shops, there are bunnies and easter bunny eggs (as the Tatapilla would call them). Even maternity clothes are put into the back burner.

But for those of us who have known the true meaning of the lent, let's celebrate it with our ever increasing passion. Although, in my case... I'm always leaning into the fact that Jesus is alive.. and that's worth celebrating everyday. I always prefer a cross without Jesus on it.