Saturday, April 16

My Favourite Month

...I still want to think up til now. See, when I was in the Philippines, April is the height of summer. The favourite month of the schoolies.. no school, summer activities, beach time. It's another story here in Oz. It's autumn, one of my favourite weathers.. not so hot, not so cold. And this year, a lucky year as Easter falls in this month. It's really hard not to be carried away with the commercialism of the lent season. The easter bunnies have taken over the true meaning of the lent - well, for a child that is. Every where you look at the shops, there are bunnies and easter bunny eggs (as the Tatapilla would call them). Even maternity clothes are put into the back burner.

But for those of us who have known the true meaning of the lent, let's celebrate it with our ever increasing passion. Although, in my case... I'm always leaning into the fact that Jesus is alive.. and that's worth celebrating everyday. I always prefer a cross without Jesus on it.