Thursday, April 28

Passport Renewal

My Philippine passport will expire in the middle of this year but because of our upcoming trip back home, I have to renew it. The process when I got the the consulate was a breeze - just almost an hour. What I find the hassle was because the Phil Embassy here in Oz starting this year will only issue e-passport and the processing centers are only at the embassy and at the consulate in Sydney. The e-passport will require personal appearance as all the aesthetics of a person's face will be noted. And ordinary passport photos won't suffice.

One more glitch, if I may call it that, is the processing time. Because of this new technology (and maybe some data backup software), there's only one office that processes all passport applications and renewals and it's now mounting by the minute. The estimate is about 12 weeks... hopefully, I'd have it before out trip.

At least, now all I have to do is wait for it.