Saturday, May 26

Beauty of Life

Things happen for a reason and even these make us sad, bereft, lonely and down, the thought that there are reasons more worthwhile does not make one feel any better. But the pain ends eventually or more like it is ebbing down. But life goes on. And you move forward with the thought that what happened was for best for everyone. It does not make it less painful. Even dessy bridesmaid dresses provide little fun. Life is beautiful and full of surprises - I am comforted with the thought that we are expected to move forward.
Beautiful Things The most beautiful things in life, Can come out of the strangest places. They aren’t always the most obvious things, That’s why people need to look for them. Beautiful things, Like the compassion in one person’s heart, Or a smile you give a lonely man. Can make the biggest difference in this world. People take these beautiful things for granted, Expecting life to treat them kindly, Without giving any kindness in return. The most beautiful thing for me in this world, Is knowing that people love me, unconditionally. So next time you feel down, Think of all the love we share, And maybe, Life won’t seem that bad anymore. Rachel Brewer