Sunday, November 29

Good Karma

You Are Optimistic and Hopeful

You truly believe in all of your dreams. And you don't just sit back and wait for your dreams to happen.

You are active and even a bit stubborn. You are confident in what you do.

You can be a bit aggressive at times, to the point of being inconsiderate. But you never really mean to step on anyone's toes.

It's just that when your eye is on the prize, it's hard for you to see anything or anyone else. You're not malicious... just a tad careless.

I admit, I’m careless in every sense of the word but I’m trying to change that. But it’s true, I’m not malicious. I don’t wish anything bad will happen to anybody even those who “screwed” me. I believe in Karma, that’s why (that’s also why a ski vacation will be within my reach).

Talking of Karma, remember about a story of a so-called friend that let me down? I’ve tried several more tricks to get the money back from her but to no avail so I gave up a long time ago. Last week, I saw her online so I thought, I’ll say hi. Well, guess what? I never get anything back. I expected it though. I just want to thaw the ice, to let her know that we’re good. It may sound unrealistic but I don’t harbour negative feelings towards her. It was just money that I can earn and I have already earned to the nth power.


Friday, November 20

Change of Plan

We’ve booked our accommodation end of March this year for our Christmas holiday. I’ve been researching for tourist attractions and places to visit in Sydney. But we’ve been procrastinating our flight booking. I’m glad we did because last night we decided to drive instead of flying – which will take us at least 13 hours without stopping.

We’ve been chewing whether to drive or fly for a week. With plethora of transportation options we are spoiled for choice which makes it difficult to decide. I know there are downsides on driving but I also think that the positives will outweigh them. Besides we haven’t had any experience of a long drive – for more than 5 hours that is, so this is new for us.

We’re driving but we are not using our car. We’ll be renting. We booked it last night and we are also trying to book accommodation in Coffs Harbour – where we would stop and stay for two nights on our way back. Now, I have to update our itinerary for this change (as the original was for when we fly). Thanks to free directory submission and the internet, it is easy to do these tasks.


The Silly Days

One month more to go and it will be Christmas. I’ve been listening to Christmas songs and Jens has been singing “Jingle Bells” from time to time. Yet, I am not busy as mad as other people are – panic buying of gifts, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve bought a few bits and pieces but nothing much. We will be celebrating Christmas in Sydney on our own so I thought of just giving away gift cards (sorry no equestrian apparel this time) and cash.

There are so many things to think about and to accomplish for our quick break. Plus the weather is not a help at all – really balmy and it’s not summer yet. We haven’t booked our flights yet – I’m actually scared that it will be fully booked now. We’ve been thinking of driving down there but I thought, it would be more hassles for us. I want this holiday to be stress-free.

Hope you guys are having fun preparing for the biggest event of the year. Though, despite the craziness of our schedule, let’s not forget the real meaning of CHRISTmas.


Tuesday, November 10


I’m talking about my weekend adventures in relation to driving.

Last Saturday, I decided to go to the Asia shop closer to our area. I just saw the place when I’m on the train but I decided to drive as it would be quicker for me. I didn’t know how to get there by myself so I printed the text map off the internet. It was a breeze although I got lost three times. I really appreciate the cruise control of my car – it made easy gliding at 80km/hr. I went home happy and with my hands full with all the food that I missed.

As a result of escapade on Saturday, the fuel light on my car came on. I didn’t notice when and because we used my car shopping, I felt I really need to fill up, scared of breaking down in the middle of the road. And so I did, on my own as well with Jens inside the car talking to me. It was easy enough and with all the reminders and tips that Mcj taught me, I am confident now to do it again.

It was a busy weekend, what with Mcj’s project on the roll – building a new entertainment unit that will house our new entertainment system. Plus, it was Jens last session on the swimming program. I am relieved of the pressure of getting up early on Saturday.


Sunday, November 1

Not Far From Reality

You Are a Discount Shopper

You love to get things as cheaply as possible. You live for sales.

It's partially because you like to save money, but it's also because you like the thrill of finding a fabulous deal.

Of all the types, you tend to shop frequently but rarely by. You keep an eye on prices.

Brand names are not that important to you. You know how to have style without collecting designer tags.

Although, at times quality matters to me most so even if it is dear and branded, I have to go with is if I know that it will give my money's worth. Maybe, except for weight loss pills, because I read that you can't really distinguish the effect of one from the other.