Sunday, November 29

Good Karma

You Are Optimistic and Hopeful

You truly believe in all of your dreams. And you don't just sit back and wait for your dreams to happen.

You are active and even a bit stubborn. You are confident in what you do.

You can be a bit aggressive at times, to the point of being inconsiderate. But you never really mean to step on anyone's toes.

It's just that when your eye is on the prize, it's hard for you to see anything or anyone else. You're not malicious... just a tad careless.

I admit, I’m careless in every sense of the word but I’m trying to change that. But it’s true, I’m not malicious. I don’t wish anything bad will happen to anybody even those who “screwed” me. I believe in Karma, that’s why (that’s also why a ski vacation will be within my reach).

Talking of Karma, remember about a story of a so-called friend that let me down? I’ve tried several more tricks to get the money back from her but to no avail so I gave up a long time ago. Last week, I saw her online so I thought, I’ll say hi. Well, guess what? I never get anything back. I expected it though. I just want to thaw the ice, to let her know that we’re good. It may sound unrealistic but I don’t harbour negative feelings towards her. It was just money that I can earn and I have already earned to the nth power.