Friday, November 20

The Silly Days

One month more to go and it will be Christmas. I’ve been listening to Christmas songs and Jens has been singing “Jingle Bells” from time to time. Yet, I am not busy as mad as other people are – panic buying of gifts, that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve bought a few bits and pieces but nothing much. We will be celebrating Christmas in Sydney on our own so I thought of just giving away gift cards (sorry no equestrian apparel this time) and cash.

There are so many things to think about and to accomplish for our quick break. Plus the weather is not a help at all – really balmy and it’s not summer yet. We haven’t booked our flights yet – I’m actually scared that it will be fully booked now. We’ve been thinking of driving down there but I thought, it would be more hassles for us. I want this holiday to be stress-free.

Hope you guys are having fun preparing for the biggest event of the year. Though, despite the craziness of our schedule, let’s not forget the real meaning of CHRISTmas.