Friday, November 20

Change of Plan

We’ve booked our accommodation end of March this year for our Christmas holiday. I’ve been researching for tourist attractions and places to visit in Sydney. But we’ve been procrastinating our flight booking. I’m glad we did because last night we decided to drive instead of flying – which will take us at least 13 hours without stopping.

We’ve been chewing whether to drive or fly for a week. With plethora of transportation options we are spoiled for choice which makes it difficult to decide. I know there are downsides on driving but I also think that the positives will outweigh them. Besides we haven’t had any experience of a long drive – for more than 5 hours that is, so this is new for us.

We’re driving but we are not using our car. We’ll be renting. We booked it last night and we are also trying to book accommodation in Coffs Harbour – where we would stop and stay for two nights on our way back. Now, I have to update our itinerary for this change (as the original was for when we fly). Thanks to free directory submission and the internet, it is easy to do these tasks.