Saturday, March 26

Logic Always Works

Your Hands Say That You Are Logical

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.
Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.
Brainy and intelligent, you are intellectual to the point of being incomprehensible.
Your emotions tend to be relaxed and uncomplicated. You don't read too much into things.

Somewhat true and false. For one, I always internalise things. But I am comprehensible and analytical - enough to understand and get a grasp of the fore factor reviews. I reckon, if I have a switch.. I'll be a scientist or something that uncovers mysteries or unhide the truth. I like learning new things to.

Something to Perk me Up

These days, I seem to be out of energy often. I get tired really very easily. I haven't changed my routine except going to sleep early because I am tired early. Maybe, it's the hot weather or I just need something to boost my immune system - I'll click here later to find out what will work for me.

Although, I have already tried taking energy drink. Yes, I haven't tried it before but I though, I might try it now that I see to badly need it. I'm takin it slow. I haven't finished 1 can for more than 2 days now. No wonder, I didn't feel the effect.

It's weekend, and feel revived and energised... so the "down" time must be over.. and I'm back to my normal self. Besides, I have to.. :) it's weekend.


Toy Story 3 in the Background

I know it's been out for how long, I'm not really sure but we haven't seen it yet. Or the Tatapilla haven't seen it until today. The DVD is still to exy for me to buy so I decided to rent it instead for 3 nights - over the weekend.

It was a good bribe for the funky boy to go to sleep a little bit early for a Friday night. He woke up before 6 saying, he already had 1 sleep and he can already watch the movie. I can't even open my eyes yet. So he went back to sleep. When he awoke, he had his Dad prepared hi brekky and put the dvd on after eating.

So, while I go on with my Saturday morning lazy and somewhat relaxed routine (no lounging in hot tubs or putting hot tub covers), Toy Story 3 is blaring in the background. We just have enough time to finish the movie and some of the chores, before we go marching to the swimming school and to the shops.


Baker for Newer

I seldom watch the telly these days. Last night was one of those rare occasions, it was footy night, you see. I enjoy watching the "violent" sport as others view it. I'm an adopted Queenslander now and this sport is hailed here - so I'm adopting it as well. Despite of its physical and brawny nature, the players are really good at it especially my favourite team. It's reason enough to watch the game.

Anyway, apart from the game.. I had fun watching this advert.

It's just so hi-tech. Of course, that can be expected of the brand that he is endorsing but I reckon, the add entirely is another genre. I can't remember if I own anything of the brand as one has to read lcd tv reviews first before buying but I especially favour the vacuum (or whatever it is called). So savvy and funky, I almost expect it has a mind of its own to know where to clean.

Sunday, March 20

Without You

This is Kieth Urban's first song I have listened to and boy, how I like it. The video featured Nicole and Sunday Rose. So sweet. I see in one of the comments in youtube, that Kieth is the most romantic man on Earth.

Every picture tells a story in Keith Urban's black and white music video for his new single, "Without You."

While the country star plays guitar in a sparsely furnished room, personal images from his life on the road, the stage, his wedding to Nicole Kidman and footage of daughter Sunday Rose in her crib are projected onto the white walls in the clip, which debuts Tuesday on iTunes, CMT and GAC.

Other intimate footage captures the married couple running playfully on a beach – and a bare-chested Urban getting out of a hotel room shower.


Now, I know he's found our backyard but I really haven't seen him performed live. If only it is also available from Oz those Keith Urban Tickets, Bon Jovi Tickets, Kenny Chesney Tickets, Dave Matthews Band Tickets and Rush concert Tickets. .. I'd sure be watching their concert. But I hope soon, when time also permits.. I'll see one of my favourite performers on stage.