Saturday, March 26

Baker for Newer

I seldom watch the telly these days. Last night was one of those rare occasions, it was footy night, you see. I enjoy watching the "violent" sport as others view it. I'm an adopted Queenslander now and this sport is hailed here - so I'm adopting it as well. Despite of its physical and brawny nature, the players are really good at it especially my favourite team. It's reason enough to watch the game.

Anyway, apart from the game.. I had fun watching this advert.

It's just so hi-tech. Of course, that can be expected of the brand that he is endorsing but I reckon, the add entirely is another genre. I can't remember if I own anything of the brand as one has to read lcd tv reviews first before buying but I especially favour the vacuum (or whatever it is called). So savvy and funky, I almost expect it has a mind of its own to know where to clean.