Saturday, March 26

Toy Story 3 in the Background

I know it's been out for how long, I'm not really sure but we haven't seen it yet. Or the Tatapilla haven't seen it until today. The DVD is still to exy for me to buy so I decided to rent it instead for 3 nights - over the weekend.

It was a good bribe for the funky boy to go to sleep a little bit early for a Friday night. He woke up before 6 saying, he already had 1 sleep and he can already watch the movie. I can't even open my eyes yet. So he went back to sleep. When he awoke, he had his Dad prepared hi brekky and put the dvd on after eating.

So, while I go on with my Saturday morning lazy and somewhat relaxed routine (no lounging in hot tubs or putting hot tub covers), Toy Story 3 is blaring in the background. We just have enough time to finish the movie and some of the chores, before we go marching to the swimming school and to the shops.