Wednesday, April 28

Mandarin Fruit

We have a new friend that we met at the shops (of all places). He also has a Filipina wife, something that he and my husband have in common (lol). It was just to ask me some migration questions and that same night, he ended up visiting our house. Little did we know that we are nieghbours - three or four properties down the street. Since then, a day rarely pass that either he or Mcj is not in each other's place.

Last Sunday, my Little Boy and I tag along my husband when he went there to lend a hand on repairing some whippy vans. They have many mandarin and orange trees. They are all bearing fruit. We picked some and ate them - I never realised that they're quite sour when freshly picked.

Anyway, it seems he will become a good friend (hopefully for life). He's in the process of bringing his wife over - processing the papers (and maybe getting affordable life insurance quote). I just wish the all the best. He reckons, his wife and I will become good friends.

Friday, April 23

Week Wrap-up

I've been an absentee in facebook. Been focusing on my work at the office - looking for needles in the haystack and I also don't know what the needles look like.

Went food shopping on my own... I think for the first time ever while my one-and-a-half men are at home waiting for me.

I downloaded some itunes song - all by Sarah Geronimo. I'm such a big fan, I'd buy human growth hormone if she endorse it.

Tonight, the half man was running a temperature. He went to bed without eating dinner. They said, feed the cold starve the fever and that's exactly what he is doing.

We're having a long weekend. Hopefully, I'll be still and content like a cat.

Pretty Please - No Fever Tom

1. Where are my energy and enthusiasm at this time of the night?

2. If wishes were horses they would be all galloping toward me.

3. I'd like to see my half man back in his usual self, fever-free.

4. When I was a teen, I thought I'd end up almost exactly where I am now.

5. One of my mother's favorite sayings was there's always the sun behind the clouds.

6. I'd have a hard time doing without my brains right now, it's getting late and my mind is rattling (but still have the time to think of age spot removal).

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (well) blogging, tomorrow my plans include going to the library (bonding time with the half man) and Sunday, I want to cook something that I haven't tried before!

As usual, I had fun doing this meme. It's like I'm chronicling my week.

Chinese Food

I seldom venture on food that I'm not quite familiar with (it's not that I'm in the weight loss process). Boring, yeah but safe. I have a somewhat picky taste that is very partial to chinese and italian food. I rule out hot and spicy (you know what food they are).

This is Barbecue Pork in Plum sauce with fried rice. If I can't think of anything particular to eat when I'm at work, I order this in the chinese resto close to the office. I think, the owner already recognise that it's me if somebody ring up to order this particular menu.

It's really yummy and filling for a little cost.

Sunday, April 18

Sunday, April 11

Unblock Me - Free

That's the most played game in my Iphone these days. I played it in Relax setting and I quite enjoy it. I'm not into games but this one got me hooked.

Now, Mcj is into it as well. Late last night, Jens wanted to see some photos in my phone. Then I told them about the game. Mcj started it. This morning after breakfast he had another go and rose my level to another 50. Yay!

Saturday, April 10

Bounty Hunter

We were at the shops earlier today (not to buy wedding invitations but to go to the post office) and I saw that Bounty Hunter is on show. It's really ashame that we can't see it. Having a toddler really limits the choice of the movie that we can see. I'll just have to wait for it in DVD.

Anyway, I took this test about movie theater. It's fun.

You Are Imaginative and Idealistic

You are popular and well liked. You know how to please a crowd and work a room. You tend to go to your friends for advice and opinions. You value what your friends have to say. You have an optimistic take on life. Things are always a lot better than they seem at first. Spending time alone makes you more optimistic and ready to take on the world. You like to recharge.


Friday, April 2


I'm participating in this weeks Mommy Moments and it's about achievement. My little boy is not in proper school yet but we call his daycare "school". So far since we put him there more than a year ago, he's moved three times already. It's as if he's on the fourth level. In his first move to the next level, I was really being a touchy Mum. I cried as it's so overwhelming that my little boy has grown up so quick. My sister-in-law said, it was a novelty. I believe every Mom could empathise with me.

Anyway, Jens is really having some fun at school. He's gain lots of friends and really, a best friend. I'm just sharing some of his recent photos at "school".

Jens has a penchant for musical instruments but his first love is guitar. If he happens to hold anything a little bit longer, it will turn into a guitar. It seems he has influenced everyone at school to pretend to play a guitar. This photo is really my favourite - makes me think to turn into personalized gifts. We'll have to see.

the mommy journey

Trip to Redcliffe

It's the sail festival at Redcliffe today. We've been planning of going there but we didn't really check what time is the event going to start. As expected, we missed most of the fun part - of sailing that is. But there are other local attractions. The Sunday market was moved to today so we were able to soaked in some local stuff. Top it up with fresh air coming from the sea and the view. It was a lovely day for us.

We bought some fruit as they were cheaper compared to supermarket. Seafood was on the menu for lunch. It's like we've struck a really good daily deal.