Friday, April 2


I'm participating in this weeks Mommy Moments and it's about achievement. My little boy is not in proper school yet but we call his daycare "school". So far since we put him there more than a year ago, he's moved three times already. It's as if he's on the fourth level. In his first move to the next level, I was really being a touchy Mum. I cried as it's so overwhelming that my little boy has grown up so quick. My sister-in-law said, it was a novelty. I believe every Mom could empathise with me.

Anyway, Jens is really having some fun at school. He's gain lots of friends and really, a best friend. I'm just sharing some of his recent photos at "school".

Jens has a penchant for musical instruments but his first love is guitar. If he happens to hold anything a little bit longer, it will turn into a guitar. It seems he has influenced everyone at school to pretend to play a guitar. This photo is really my favourite - makes me think to turn into personalized gifts. We'll have to see.

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Mirage said...

I had separation anxiety the first time I brought my youngest to the daycare...All good, like you I've seen lots of changes and I'm happy seeing him enjoy it there and having friends...Hope your little one enjoys his stay at the daycare too, and that you stay a proud mom of his. Enjoy!

Cecile said...

i think every mother can relate to was very hard for me and my son when he first went to daycare, but after two weeks, he was fine and loving the school so glad your son is enjoying his school, too!

Anonymous said...

Dont know much about Daycare systems but moving up 3x in a year is definitely a huge achievement. :) Your son could be very persuasive.. signs of a future leader? :)

rossel said...

i know how you feel mommy and I empathize with you. congratulations to your baby's milestones. he's growing up smart because he has a loving and caring mother.

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Chris said...

our kids grow up so fast!!! happy mommy moments!