Wednesday, April 28

Mandarin Fruit

We have a new friend that we met at the shops (of all places). He also has a Filipina wife, something that he and my husband have in common (lol). It was just to ask me some migration questions and that same night, he ended up visiting our house. Little did we know that we are nieghbours - three or four properties down the street. Since then, a day rarely pass that either he or Mcj is not in each other's place.

Last Sunday, my Little Boy and I tag along my husband when he went there to lend a hand on repairing some whippy vans. They have many mandarin and orange trees. They are all bearing fruit. We picked some and ate them - I never realised that they're quite sour when freshly picked.

Anyway, it seems he will become a good friend (hopefully for life). He's in the process of bringing his wife over - processing the papers (and maybe getting affordable life insurance quote). I just wish the all the best. He reckons, his wife and I will become good friends.


The Charm of Home said...

The mandarin oranges look yummy. Funny they are sour, they are so sweet in a can. Glad you and your neighbor have become good friends.

Ms. Bake-it said...

The mandarin's look great. I never knew they were sour when freshly picked. Interesting.

~ Tracy

eileeninmd said...

The mandarins look delicious! Always nice to meet new friends!Have a great day!