Thursday, December 21

Happy Holidays!

Photo credit here.

Give love. Smile. Be kind and generous. Praise God. Everyday!

Enjoy the season, folks. BIG hugs. xxx

Decent posts, stories to follow... when these "paglilihi blues" are over... hopefully next year. Will catch up on your pages too.

Sunday, November 26

"Sporting" SOMETHING

For these past days, I don't really feel good most of the time. I feel sooo lethargic that I always stayed in bed almost all day. Add these weird changes in me:

- i dip my finger to a hazelnut spread and lick it, often - which should be very unsual for me on ordinary days as I am not really into sweets.
- i have this intense cravings on water melon the other night - luckily it was available in the supermarket.
- i have been munching and nibbling on crackers, nuts, cheese, fruit.. almost all day - i practically do nothing than lie down watching the tube and eat.
- i crave and like the food today so i will really indulge on it... and will feel disgusted about it right the next day.
- i have been eating green mangoes - big green apple mango - and i still love it even it gives me wind and heart burn.

I and Hubs know that something is going on.. and I know, you too. ;))


This week is the 2006 Ashes test series. It is a 5-day test game of cricket between AUS and England which started on the 23rd of Nov. As of yesterday, Aussies has been ahead of more than 600+ runs from the Poms.. a very long way to go for the later.

Last night was the final of the Tri Nations Rugby League. And the Kangaroos (AUS Team) regain the 2006 trophy against the Kiwis and it was really the most exciting game I've even seen. Both teams have the same score on the 80th minutes and they agreed to play on another five minutes until one of the team scored than making another match. They were on the halfway of the second 5-minutes when the Kangaroos made a try. Sweet victory for them!

I am fortunate that these sports events are on now while I am sporting my current state lest I would be left on the mercy of the boring tube program. I now like watching cricket as I manage to slowly understand the rules and jargons each game plus Hubs making some reinforcements.


I will be leaving two days from now for Manila. I am excited for I really want to eat exotic Pinoy food but I am also anxious as I might not feel well during the flight. Im crossing my fingers that I wont.

I'll be back next week. See you, friends!

Tuesday, November 7

Shop, Food, Craft

Yesterday afternoon, I made another trip to the shops alone again. Alone. It means I can roam every nook and corner of every shop that caught my fancy and nobody on my side to complain that it is taking me too long to decide what to buy. Guess who's that? ;)) My Hubs is a typical male who when going to the shops, will only visit the isles that we frequented and nothing more. Aside from me being a shop-aholic woman, I am trying to familiarize what are the products here that I can use to cook Pinoy food and stuff to do some crafts... which could take me longer to do shopping for even a short shopping list.

I went to this not-so-dear-outlet that sells products mostly from China for my crafts. Yup, it is some sort of like a 99 Store in Manila but the price is not actually universal. It just sell products of cheap price compared to some chain stores. I was tempted to buy the beads that I can use to my paper curtain, but reckon, I don't get enough for the hefty price that I will pay.. I'll better wait for my upcoming trip back to Manila and I will buy heaps of beads. I end up just buying the glue stick which I urgently need.

And I made another discovery... a stir fry noodle like the pancit canton we have in the Philippines. Yup, I like eating pancit canton.. I know it's not a healthy food but I just love the taste. I usually indulge on Sunday back then and eat pancit canton with boiled eggs. So now, we don't have to make a special trip to Asian or Filipino food store here, which, are fairly far from our place just to buy some food that I miss. The noodle is imported from Asia (can't remember the country) but it doesn't have MSG in it, so I reckon it is still a bit healthy to eat. I also added up a prawn cracker to my shopping basket... just like the Oishi... a pleasant or not-so-pleasant change from potato chips.. munchies for the movies.

Can pansit bihon go with chicken adobo instead of rice or steamed potato? Congratulate me, folks. I have perfected the chicken breast adobo last Sunday. I didn't use lemon juice but rather apple cider vinegar. I made some twist too by adding the potatoes and veggies - carrots, beans, peas, and the white stuff that I don't know ;)) - (after being half-cooked in the mic)in the adobo pot while it is cooling down. Hubs said it was nice. Yum for me. So maybe for a couple of Sundays to come... adobo will dominate the plate. Hehehe. And I spotted vermicelli on the shop rack and I am thinking of making pancit bihon. I haven't tried it before but Hubs can be a guinea pig for my cooking. Hehehe. For days, I have been printing recipes from the net and trying to figure out what will I practice-cook first. I am really having fun in this cooking adventure.

Got to go. Have to try out the instant stir fry noodles. Will update you on the taste. ;))

Saturday, November 4

And Rain It Did!

November Rain

November rain washed away my guilt
November rain washed away my pain
November rain - so tired I felt
November rain was not just any rain

Long I longed with deep torment
For so long my body waited
November rain, , , , Oh, sweet friend
November rain- slowly I faded.

November rain- I cried within
Steady and slowly, it kept on pouring
November rain, watered my skin
And deep inside, I heard my roaring.

November rain, it refused to quit
November rain kept on pouring
And alone outside, in the streets I wept-
dripping... dripping and falling.

--- Amy Phillip

Thursday, November 2

And I Pray For Rain

Due to the global warming, most part of Australia is suffering from drought. Rain is very very rare. The lawn grass of most houses are brown-ish, bush fires are imminent, brick houses are so brittle that by just mere hammering, some parts if not the entire building is falling... and many other catastrophy brought about by the lack of water. Most dams water level down to 25% and it has to supply water for residential and industrial estate.

In some villages, brick houses are falling apart. I saw some on the telly and it was just horible. And event such as this is not covered by the house insurance as according to regulatoring authority, this is not common and not an anticipated course of nature. How sad for the house owner. They were just advised not to repair small damages as it will just have chain effects.

The farmers are loosing their business badly and the Howard government provided millions of dollars aides to them to sustain the business.

When I arrived here last end of August the water restriction is on the 3rd level, which means, (the very basic that I can remember) no sprinklers are allowed in the garden only bucket watering. It then rained for a week when I arrived here, that, my BIL reckoned I brought the rain with me. Lucky! ;))

Now, the condition get worse. The use of water will be more regulated that the council in the Caboolture Shire (our shire) will soon implement the level 4 water restriction. One of the conditions are bucket watering of gardens in alternate days for the odd and even numbers of house addresses. Business that consume large volume of water should submit a Water Efficiency Management Plan.

Yesterday, Hubs went to the orientation in Cabwater for the WEMP. He brought home some leaflets and guidelines and goodies which include an hourglass of 4 minutes (will post photo soon) to be sticked to the shower room. A simple way of telling you that, hey, you only have 4 minutes to shower to help conserve water. It was a nice idea though as you get conscientious while scrubbing your body that you have to hurry up. I just hope every household will adhere to that.

If you'll judge the lack of water in the weather, it is not evident. It's not stifflingly hot, except Saturday last week, when the temperature raised to 36 degrees C. But since summer is drawing near, it is getting warm at night too. Though summer here is too humid and scaldingly hot, it is a storm season so, we just expect that this drought phenomenon will be over next season.

It's a pity that most businesses here in Queensland are so dependent on water. The condition is crippling even the most robust entity.

It has been gloomy since weekend... I pray it will rain tonight or tomorrow or the day after... but hope it'll just be soon.

Wednesday, November 1

Halloween and October Blah Blah

It's November 1st... Yayyyy! Time flies so fast.. and I am one year "wiser" now.

Today, in the Philippines, traffic would be very busy and people are so pre-occupied with preppin' food, candles, prayer books and what-have-you's.. and will have "picnic" at the cemetery. Yep, that's how I see it, picnic. Some would be playing cards.. and just enjoying the sun if the weather is not gloomy. I think, that tradition is only known to Filipinos and Catholics. Whilst here, life goes on normally with the living. Another proof to show that I am living in a different world. Ha.Ha.

Month of October is memorable to my family... both Hubs and I celebrated our birthday last month... and then there's Nanay (my mother) and a best friend in Bacolod, M. My youngest sis, I, passed the teacher's board exam. That's quite a good news to me considering the "disaster" that blew the family's mind in the middle of the school-year last year.

Last month, I had so many firsts. One was cooking "patyam" which I reckon turned out quite well. Then there was my supposedly adobo last Sunday, which as Hubs said, was a sweet-and-sour chicken. I owe that to too much lemon juice and a dab of sugar to abate the sourness. And another first of the firsts, was Hubs haircut from moi. Yup, I experimented my talent or lack of it to My Hubs hair. I was quite satisfied with the result.. as well as Hubs. My MIL even volunteered to be a ginea pig when her hair is due for the hair dresser. I think, I fare well in this department.. Hummm, another fall back career. He.He.

And my first photo of Lucky sleeping...

Isn't he cute?


Tuesday, October 31

Tuesday, October 24


For now that I have more time in my hand to play with... I have more chances and pleasure of taking photos.

I am sooo new in this photography thing but I am eager to further my vague idea about it - probably one step at a time.

Instead of littering my shots in the web by uploading them to various sites, which we all know some has limits, I decided to create a photo blog.

Check my passion here. I just started to configure it this afternoon and it is a construction in progress.

I have yet lots to learn... so pleeaaaseee... don't expect big, fab and super nice shots. I will try to get better as I grow older.. if not taller. Hehehe!

The Work

The Business Activity Statement is due for submission to ATO on October 28th and today, I was tasked to do some accounting work without the coaching of Hubs. The statement should be ready on Wednesday the latest, giving ample time for it to be mailed. Hubs had been teaching me for quite a few weeks already and I reckon, I can now do it on my own so, last night I volunteered to stay today to do the bank reconciliation, entering payments from customers, entering purchases and what-have-yous, to at least lighten his load if not finishing it for him. I don't really much worry that I might make mistakes in any of them given the complication of the taxation system here as, this task is perfectly inline to what I was doing at work then. Discount the fact that we have an entirely different accounting system here compared to what I was accustomed to use and play with. But it's a bonus that MYOB is really user-friendly just like Oracle Financials. And being the system administrator and the user, we can configure all the options available to our own comfort and benefit. Buti na lang! We can edit or delete any record that was entered erroneously without being asked to explain and worst summoned by the "high and mighty" for an investigation and interrogation. Hehehe.

Yes, this can be a common scenario in a corporate world especially if the figure concerned is humongous that would attract everybody's attention. When you are given a superuser access to the system, which means security does not apply to you and put in a scenario where somebody would asked you a favor to do some checking and approval on behalf of her boss and very persistent, insistent and annoying at that, you're sometimes kind enough to accomodate the request. Add the fact that her boss is an absentee and the monthly closing of books is at hand. They leave you no choice. And before you noticed it, you have been emailed by your boss to explain why you are the last person to touch the transaction. Worst is if the request from the user was just verbal and you don't have any proof to support your deed. You're indeed, dead! Hehehe! Mahabang paliwanagan lang naman ang mangyayari with a tail of a sermon or reprimand. Hayyyy! It's funny to reminisce memories such as this.

Anyway, talking of system, I don't really have an idea what MYOB stands for until I met Hubs and told me that it is just "mind your own business". Sure I have heard of this system before. A friend was an accountant for a company that used this system but he never mentioned to me what it is, or maybe he had but I was just not attentive to his rumblings on the phone then.

In our last minute wrap-up last night of what would be on my plate today, I really proved that I have outgrow the classroom student in me. I can say that I have been an attentive student in the class before, reason mainly was, I don't want to go through my notes over and over again when I reached home just like a normal student would do. I have to understand the lesson at once at school with the teacher where I can raise a question or I should never understand it at all and on my own. Now, there is a vast difference that, you can attribute to the fact that I realized right on my first month at work which is, lessons in school were way difficult and complicated than the real work scenario. I don't regret it nor blame the curriculum or the teacher. I understand they were part of the training so whatever scenario I might went through at work will be handled smoothly and with grace. ;)) I owe it to them infact. I can never be a classroom student at work these days. I don't want to listen to lengthy explanation how things are done or the step by step procedure. It just makes me bored and divert my thinking to something else. I reckon, learning for me should not be that way. Some would call me, know-it-all-wart but I learn from my mistakes and successes. It is much sweeter for me if I have done it wrong the first time, I'll learn from it, then I can go on doing the same thing commiting minor mistake if there is. I should learn something first hand or the information supplied to me will just be floating in the air and who knows when am I going to pick it up and use it. Some things are only understood if you ask questions. Questions that were based and raised from experiment. For me, less information told to me, more actual practice and experiment, more personal research will lead to a lifelong etched knowledge.

Anyway, I am nearly finished with my task and have a partial idea how much are we going to pay ATO. I hope there are no mushroom purchases to be recorded in the last minute but so far, I have covered everything that I can think and see.

I am happy for this exercise as it gets me to use my brain.. hehehe. I have not been working for almost two months now and I sometimes think that the part of my brain that process my work before is getting stagnant. So far, I am proved otherwise. ;))

Monday, October 23

The Card

*this post is quite late nonetheless, worth sharing

On the last day prior to Hubs birthday, I finally made a card for him. I have been planning to do so but with so little time in my hand during the days that we stayed home, it is becoming bleak to make it happen. Come Wednesday, he announced that it was our day-off the road because of the on-going project in the nursery. Well, he just made it possible for me to make the card. I made it in the afternoon but before doing so, I warned him not to come near the room. Hehehe. He is off limit. Hubs was just mindless in his surroundings and just barged in while I was in the middle of sticking out cut letters. Hummmpppp! Spoiler. Hehehe. Since, I cant do anything more while he's beside me, I just wait til after dinner to make the envelope and yes, I did. But I forgot to write my dedication and wishes, blah blah blah to the card, which all the more spoiled the surprises and sweetness of my endeavor. You see, I planned on giving the card to him right after mid-night but even so if I had write something on the card, I could have not gave it to him as I feel asleep early before 12AM. Waaaaaa!

Another funny side was, two weeks ago I meticulously encoded the birthdays of the persons close to my heart in my mobile phone and for it to alarm me during the day. Well, Hubs' is one of them. When the alarm went off the very early morning of his birthday, I was even grumpy to get up and put the alarm off. The alarm tune was not familiar and while trying to get out of the sheets and looking for my slippers with only one eye slightly open, I was silently cursing it "what in name is that sound for?". But was thankful that I had put the alarm on for his birthday or I may not be the very first person to greet him on his birthday. Hehehe. But still I was not able to hand him the card that I made. I had then after I scribbled some non-sense in it, that was an hour after we had breakfast. It's not late though but I feel it is gross negligence to hand in the card late. ;(( Awwww! Big non-sense. Hehehe! We just make it a habit to be the first person to greet each other on special occasions so don't shoot me. ;)

The card is just very simple but it's from the bottom of my stomach to my heart. Hehehe.

*yup, Honeypie is my latest endearment to Hubs. Came out one day when I was being playful and saying, Honeypie, sweetiepie, bukopie, pinapie, tinapay. Hehehe. He just loves it but doesn't want to be called that in public. Men!

For the first time

I don't know how to cook. I think, I've said that more than a couple of times in my blog. But I think, I do love doing that chores. The reason why I don't is pretty simple. I don't know the knick knacks of what goes with a certain recipe. Yup, I can easily refer to a cookbook or simply download one from the web but I don't also understand some of the stuff written on them. Hehehe. Pretty lame but true. I am dumb in this department. I reckon, I can cook if everything is laid out on the cooking table and I just had to follow the cooking steps. Laid out means, all the ingredients are peeled, cut, mashed, and whats-the-name if they need to be.

I have been wanting to cook something for two weeks now. That something is a leche flan. We had plenty of eggs and I thought, I could use some for a dessert but I just didn't use up any of the eggs at all. Hubs said he needs to be at my side holding the fire extinguisher while I am cooking (big time insult for me - hehehe) and he doesn't have the time. So, I just forget the idea then.

But last night, I reckon, it's about time to do something new so, I took a bigger leap. I cooked "patyam", if you know what I mean. There was minced beef thawed on the sink so, I just thought what would go with it that the result can be called a meal. Veggies would be first on the list, I suppose. So I took out 2 potatoes, a carrot, frozen cut-beans and some "pechay".

The cooking that I know of, usually starts from sauteing the beef with garlic, tomato and onions. I have some cherry tomatoes and found onions but the garlic is nowhere in sight. Hubs later found one in a bottle. Well, I just thought I have to look for garlic clover not bottle of minced garlic. So the saute went without it as expected.

I sauteed the beef in a shallow pan and later saw that all the ingredients won't fit in, so I had to shift it to a bigger pan. Pretty clever, not! Hehehe! I poured three glasses of water to soften the beef and turned out that the dish is too soupy which should not be. I then threw in the veggies lot. I tried to overcooked the potato to thicken the soup but it didn't absorbed all the excess water. Well, it won't hurt to have some soup in the meal. I sprinkled salt and grind some pepper to enhance the taste.

The outcome! Yummy (no photos as it was served and feasted on right away)! Well, that is for me. It trully tasted asian and Hubs reckon it can go with his "square meal". That means, not bad at all.

I learned two lessons in my cooking though:

1. When peeling potato, carrots or sweet potato, position the peeler on the far end of the veg and peel it towards yourself. It is faster than the other way around but be careful not to peel your fingers.

2. Use flour to thicken the soup. I know this is common but I haven't thought about it while cooking. :))

Watch out for more updates to come from E's cooking adventures! :))

Wednesday, October 18

My Do

First off, I want to thank those who have commented, complemeted and noticed my new look.

Yup, my new do has been here for quite a while now and I haven't got the time to write about it until now. I just felt like trash at the end of the day that I finished primping this blog that I left it, "just like that". Imagine, I spent 8 straight hours infront of the computer? I never did experience that when I was still working. Hummm, maybe because I was paid then. Hahaha!

Anyways, I had changed my template for an overnight before though. I like it because of the color, blue. But Hubs said, it didnt have any personal touch in it, so I was so accomodating to revert it back to what it was until I had the time in my hand to play with the html codes. You see, I only have vague idea on html codes and most of them are just guesses. I was then in dire streets understanding all the html codes in my blog. I had to label each code (paragraph) as to what part of the blog it was for. And the end of it all, I made it.

The looks of the my blog is exactly just what I want. But I am sure, knowing me, I have to primp it more in the future.

And yes, I owe a lot to photoshop. I did explore a bit to come up with my header photo. I want to do more but I need to shop for more enthusiasm. For now, I just want to be a couch potato.

Meme for Weirdos (I Suppose)

Been tagged by Jean and it took me a while to figure out my eccentricities. I think, I am not really weird as I find them scarse in my memory. Hehehe. At least I only have to put up to 5. But holy thanks, it includes our pet. Here it goes:

I am not so into sweets, I can't eat the whole drumstick ice cream at once. But I can eat sweets before and after meal. And I can finish a whole bar of chocolate or packet of scorched almond if I will eat it alternately with something sour or salty. Imagine me eating salt and vinegar potato chips or green mango in between bites of chocolates or cakes.

I am so preoccupied with digging anything in my or somebody's (I adore) flesh. It gave me satisfaction to dig ingrown nails, splinters and even ear wax. I think, it boils down to my curiousity of what's really down there. ;))

I adore lovely and cute babies. But I also like to see them bowl. Am I a sadist? Hehehe. Not really. Babies look cute and funny when they're crying and most certainly when they put on faces they're popular for. So when mummies are not looking, I pinched them or just simply annoy the wit out of them. Hehehe. Don't worry mummies, I just do it with my nephews.

I love reading but I am partial to some authors only. Some of my favorite authors were added to my list when I discovered their talents personally. And when I do so, I get addicted to their piece that I have a tendency of buying all the available books though I don't have the fancy to read them. I think, it is called collection, weird way that is.

My fave place next to bedroom is the toilet. Don't ask me why. :))

Do you think, I am weird enough?

I am tagging:

Mama Jenn

It's just simple, with these rules:
* List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
* Tag 5 friends and list them.
* Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

Wednesday, October 11

The Beauty of Spring

Life is boring (without blogging - Hubs said.. hehehe) without a few dip to my passion.

A few photos every now and then to feed my wanting.

Spring is still here and I relish the beauty and fascination that it brings.

Cool wind, sun bright and shiny, beautiful flowers, green grass, luscious fruit.. name it and the nature have it.

Wednesday, October 4

Small Things

Yesterday, I was left here at home all day. I am on red flag and I want to be comfortable as I can. Comfy means staying at home. So that was it. I didn't get bored though as I was, literally speaking, infront of the computer all day. Got breaks for lunch and shower. It was already dark time when I let my hands and eyes rest for the day.

Hubs arrived a little after six pm and of course, I greeted him outside. He then, threw to my way, a flavor lover packet of potato chips from the shops. Isn't he sweet and thoughtful? I feel like a kid again. Since, I arrived here, Hub is trying to form a bond between me and Lucky, by tasking me to feed our cat every night. So, he asked if I had fed the baby with a side comment that, I should be good else, he won't give me the surprise. Hummm, I am not good at waiting for suprises, I don't have much patience. But I've guessed what the surprise was. Strawberries! Yup! I am enjoying and seizing every moment and everyday that strawberries are lavishly available here.

But what I really want to write about here is the thoughtfulness of my husband. Small things that he does for me mean a lot. He can give me whopping stuff but if that is without a thought or just for the sake of giving it because I would feel happy, it already deviates its purpose. I am a very hard to please woman, but pleasing me doesn't mean dear gifts, extravagant and outrageous spending, although, I would enjoy it as well, but for me, spur of the moment thoughtfulness and little unconventional surprises substantially count. It was those moments that I was caught off guard or the least that I expect to happen that linger and were inked in my memory. I think, it is the romantic and idealistic in me working.

On the food front, being a bum is not good for me. I am always thinking of food, food, food, food. Whether I am reading, doing some tapestry, watching telly, or even typing here, a part of my mind is really working on food. Hehehe. I am fortunate, yeah, because I can't and I don't cook. I can't imagine myself looking like a walking barrel for over-eating if I can cook and cook food that I want to eat. I guess, this is the upshot of my pallete yearning for some exotic Pinoy food. Hence, I just fed on chips (without MSG), chocolate biscuits, nuts and nuts and nuts, and whats-the-name junk. And cola sometimes. I am not eating crap all the time though. I have healthy breakie, lunch and dinner. Still, I miss lutong bahay. (*mouth-watering*)

Pretty Flowers

Beautiful morning, sun just peeking from the clouds, cool morning breeze.. and these heaven sent joy of my heart. FLOWERS! Way to start my day!

Tuesday, October 3

And It Is Final

Due to the multiple entry visa that was granted to me, I have to exit OZ for at least 24 hours when the three month period is due. We haven't decided where am I going on my exit until middle of last week. Yep, we've made up our mind that I am just going back to the Philippines for now as we don't have the luxury of time to process for the visitor's visa to NZ. Things to do are just getting piled up for us that we hardly have break on week-ends. It is a blessing that Hubs and I are together most of the days that we didn't have to catch-up with each other on some lost time ;o). We'll just plan the NZ trip when we have the time in our hands to play with.

Going back, we decided this bit early as we want to book a cheap airfare, which doesn't sound cheap at all in Qantas. Hubs is just very loyal to the airline company plus the fact that we earn frequent flyer points for the miles traveled. These and the little comfort and amenities on board are the pretexts why we're always flying with Q aside from the One World side trip I had to Hongkong via Cathay Pacific, which by the way, gave me the experience of flying with other courier and the gauge to measure and compare how nice and comfy flying with Q is.

Speaking of frequent flyer points, my return flights on this trip was an award booking which save us the airfare. But the award flights have some rigid rules and rare availability. I booked my return flight way earlier as it is the only date available and then we decided to move it on next year and instead pay the return flights for my trip back to Manila. There is a fee for the revalidation and it was so fortunate NOT, that I don't have available points to cover it. Hubs can't transfer the points to me as it is only allowed once a year and we did it early on. We can't either purchase the top up points since the trip has already commenced. Cancelation of the flight is not an option then. Things that make you hummm. It really was a catch 22 situation. We don't have a choice but for me to go back to Manila early than should be and the saddest part is, it is on my birthday. Hah! I really am lucky! Hehehe! But Hubs had a brilliant idea. We will request a return favor from his sister to sell us the points needed for the fee. Fair enough, she transferred the points right there and then. Whew! And you think, award flights are free. Yeah, free fare but not hassle free.

And so it is final. I am going back to Manila on the last week of November and come back here four days later. Pretty quick holiday, huh! Yep, and I am really happy. True that I have settled here fairly quick but it is still nice to be back to the place that you used to live. I miss Filipino food and my friends and family. People here in OZ are nice and amiable but I haven't made any friend just like what I have back there. The closest I've got are my in-laws. I have also been making a mental note of food that I will eat and pack. Hehehe. My pallete is looking for an authentic pinoy food.

Monday, October 2

Big Night

Before I have set foot in OZ, I have only heard the sport Rugby. I only have vague idea how it is played and that is, just some sort of soccer. The soccer that I knew of was when the players kick the ball up to their goal and they don on clothes with pads bigger than their shoes.

Now, I know more than that but not entirely the whole game rules or the sport jargons. But I was picking up bits and pieces in every game that we watched. If I can't understand the referee's call, there is always Hubs to educate me. Thanks to him.

And not just the game I am becoming fond of. I have the team to cheer on. The Brisbane Broncos.

I only came to know and watch the game of BB in the semi-finals of the 2006 National Rugby Leage. And I instantly became their fan. I've seen some of the boys in several TV commercials but I can't put name to faces or otherwise. Hubs was just soo patient to point out to me who are they.

Last night was the Grand Final with BB playing on against the Melbourne Storm. The Testra Stadium was packed of 82,000 fans of both teams. It was quite exciting and tense to watch the game on telly and it must have been more thrilling and nerve-racking to be in that big a crowd. I was even rooting so loud that Hubs had to hush me. ;o)

BB bring home the bacon. The premiership was even more special to the team as Shane Webcke is retiring this year. He had a perfect send off. Coach, Wayne Benett was named the best coach in the NRL, winning six premiership in the grand final out of seven.

Emotions were overflowing in the stadium as well as in our house. Hehehe. I found myself in tears watching the players and their families enjoy their triumph and the fans rejoicing.


Friday, September 29

Spring Means Strawberries

I may sound like a broken record but I love strawberries. Isn't it obvious with my cursor? ;))

And with Spring here in Queensland comes the produce of Strawberries. There are many strawberry farms here that now sell the produce and I have seen some while we were on the road. Fruit markets sport lots of boxes of strawberries. There was even a Spring Strawberry Fair in the shire two weeks ago.

Last night, I got a taste of the local produce strawberry. It was not sour, not bitter, not too sweet. Just mild. Just the way I like it. I reckon it tastes better than the produce in Baguio or I may have just forgot how Baguio strawberries taste like. ;))

I am having my share again right now for my late brunch. Want some?

Exciting News

Foggy morning is sooo common and usual in the province in the Philippines. It's just so nice to wake-up early, smell fresh air, see the fog formation and walk on the grass with morning dew. I've never ever experience this though in Manila but it was always foggy from industrial and vehicles smoke. :))

Yesterday, I've experienced a really foggy morning here. It was first time for me. When I opened the door, whoa, it was zero visibility with-in 100 meters-ish. And just like a child who got her first lollies, I was so loud and could have woke up Hubs if he wasn't already. I even secretly exhale through my mouth to see if there are cold smoke coming out. Hehehe. I just wish it would happen here but I didn't pinned for much hope for I know and as Hubs told me, it isn't possible especially now that summer is almost here. I was expecting of the same experience today but there isn't anymore.


I chanced upon my ex-boss cum friend, B, online in yahoo messenger for two days in a row. We didn't had a long conversation on the first day as she was at work and I, on the other hand, was on the go to help Hubs. But on the second day, which was the day before last, we both had more time to spare, she waiting for the report and I was just hopping around the net. And the news about her that she told me really got me excited. Imagine, she has a budding lovelife for the first time in her 36 years of existence! The news really made me probe for more bits and pieces which she happily told me. She was even asking for my advice as she put it, I am more "experienced" than her in the lovelife department. As if, I have known lots of men and get involved with them. Hehehe.

I am just happy for her. The way I see and know her, she has everything that she wished for except for a boyfriend. I think, 36 years is more than ripe age to start on having one. ;o) I hope the next news that I will hear from her is, they're officially a couple. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 27



This came from our mailbox. Seeing it first time, I was quite surpised to know that there's an island named after us. I haven't heard of that nor read anywhere for that matter. Hummmm.

It turned out, after reading what's at the back of the card, that it is a promotional card from Golden Casket, a lottery (if you may call it that) company. Hubs is a member. We've been betting before but didn't put any these days.

Anyway, it was about imagining owning an island, named after you. It sounds exciting and that could be made possible if you put on bets in one of the draw, that is simply put on the card . If only we could get lucky big time. Hehehe!

Sunday, September 24

Useless Effort

I've changed my blog skin overnight and then reverted it to the previous.

And now, I am tired.. tired of surfing for the one that I will like, for changing layouts, for changing properties of my add-ons, for just simply clicking the Save Template, Republish and View Blog. My back is aching and arm muscles (if i have) are tense.

My effort are put to naught.

I am the kind of person that always make a model of something in my mind and only then will start looking for that thing. I don't window shop first before choosing rather, I imagine what I really want will look like and shop. And because of this, I often get frustrated and disappointed. It looks like I am not flexible but it's just the way I am. I won't have something just for a compromise or just being complacent. But good enough, when I have found the "thing" that I want, I am truly happy.

And today, is just one of the frustrating one. But this doesn't stop me from searching or creating a new look. One that must conform to my particulars.

Wednesday, September 20

Fly away..skyline.... toot toot.. fly.

It is not always that a bird knocks on your door in a not-so-windy and sunny afternoon. What would you feel if it does happen? I would feel lucky, as some untamed birds fly away just on hearing distance but one on your door? Hummm, it must be heaven sent.

But in my case, it's not! It is one crippled little poor pretty fella that knocked on the closed door. I don't feel like I've won $1 in a lottery at all.

Minutes ago, while I was facing the computer (again) and browsing on the net something was somewhat thrown on the door and fell down the floor. What was it? Who the h#ll would bang your door with a stone in broad daylight? Well, it wasn't like a stone as it didn't left any scratch on the glass and it wasn't loud. When I went out to check, it was this beautiful creature limping around.

He might have been flying through and accidentally hit it off the door. He might have been looking back or winking onto his crush and unfortunately not saw his way or showing off to his mates that he can crash on the door and wouldn't get hurt. Hummm, I might find out as I am planning to interrogate him as soon as he has rested. Hehehe!

Kidding aside, I admired his color when I saw him first, then, went pity on him as soon as I know that he can't fly let along walk gracefully. And so, I picked him up and placed him on the pot where Lucky can't reach him. Red Bick would be at the mercy of Lucky once he spotted him. I might give him a comfortable accommodation later while he's sporting a broken leg.

Now, I wonder what’s next will bang on the door!


Yesterday, we happened to be in Beachmere, and by its name, obviously, it is on the beach side, close to the beach, along the beach, just mere beach..... or whatever as long as it has to do with the beach. Hehehe!

I didn't passed up the chance to dip into the water, NOT, but to just walk around the area... not far off though else Hubs might not find me when its time to leave. The water was not so alluring that you would not, in no time at all, find yourself wet let alone your feet as, it smelled fishy or I was just fussy as there were two teen-age bikers who, it seem to me, trying to catch fish in a made-up lake along the shore.

Anyway, I just took some shots and left off. The idea of frolicking into the water isn't charming, feeling that the temperature was still below 20.

Here, look what I've got... nothing astonishing though! ;(

New Found Passion

I was always fascinated by photos that have blurred backgrounds. Sometimes, I was jealous I may say, because I have been trying my luck in our camera to capture and frame such, but to no avail.

With my frustrations and eagerness, I just dip into photography (or I may say, the features of our camera). I reckon, these days are the perfect time to dig and unravel and learn and practice on the shutter button.

And so, one night when all the laundry was folded and neatly put away, when the dishes has been wiped and stacked in the cupboard, when the children has been put and tucked-in to bed.... now now... don't think that I am doing all these stuff (we don't have a child yet). Hehehe! What I just merely mean was, when I was bored one dusky moment and Hubs was not around, I sit infront of this computer like what I am doing right now and searched for online photography lessons, that are free of course. I found many but read one, but didn't go through it all as Hubs arrived and recommended me to browse our camera manual. Hummm, the first pages that I opened were, guess what? The use of aperture value and this thing is exactly what makes photos that have blurred background, well, that is if you have turned all the tuning and pushed the right buttons correctly. Ain't I soooo great that I know what pages the stuff that I was really looking for? Don't think that I am. Hehehe. Those pages that I happened to open were bookmarked. Don't be fooled. ;))

That night, I just read and sometimes understand the manual as well as did some practice on my foot. Hehehe. I did't got what I desired so I just put the cam away and forget it for the moment. Tomorrow, be sure that I will pick it again. And pick I did.

While Hubs was having breakie (My breakfast can wait but I can't), I grab the cam, wandered around and finally after a few not desirable snaps, I took what I wanted. Yaaayyyyy!

My subjects for now are flowers/plants (see below) as they are of abundance here. And besides, with photos that I've seen before using the aperture value were of flowers. I am quite satisfied with what I was able to framed and might move on to the next feature when I have decided what it is. Momentarily, I might focus on perfecting the use of aperture value as sometimes, I can't decipher why is it not increasing even when I have turned the tuning up. Might be the light around the subject? I don't know, if I knew I'd tell you. Hehehe!

You bet, more updates coming soon for my new found... passion!

Tuesday, September 19

Sunday, September 17

Beautiful Sunday

I woke up late today, despite Hubs constant rocking on the bed because he’s getting chill on his kidney (I don’t know what exactly was that – hehehe) and him getting up right after two alarms on the mobile phone. Soo unusual of him, who must be dragged out of bed or greet his nose with steaming hot cuppa before he can make use of his senses. I long for a really long stay in bed especially in a cool morning and not to worry what time to get up as I don’t have an idea where and when are we going out. So that was it.

Just while I was cooking my breakfast (only mine as Hubs doesn’t really feel like having one), he announced, We’re going out now! Whoah! I am not half through cooking the scrambled eggs yet (yup, I cook.. but only eggs – which should be omelet but I don’t have an idea what should go with it) and the kettle wasn’t on yet for my coffee. Well, I just pleasantly told him, I am staying home and that would mean I would be all by myself until they came back. [Please don’t tell the burglars this ;o)] I just closed the gate right after they left. Now, I feel a little safer. We’re in a very quite neighborhood but the next door people might not even hear if I scream as the houses are 100 meters - ish afar. Ohhh, get this morbid idea out my head. ;o} Kidding aside, I am getting used living in a very quite jungle. Hehehe.

Anyway, the weather is really becoming beautiful today. More apt to the Queensland Tourism Slogan, Beautiful one day, perfect the next. That is if you don’t mind a few drizzles now and then which make the temperature a notch lower.

Being alone here, I was able to blog-hopped as long as I want, read personal and forwarded emails and able to scribble this post. Humm, I might want to watch an old movie Babe later which I found from the boxes the day before last. Hopefully, Hubs will be home a little early so we can sway to the bookstore and grab some for me to read for the next days. I am running out of things to read, books, magazines…. Ohh well, I haven’t dug out from the old dailies yet. Hehehe!

For now, back to blog-hopping…. And to my iced coffee.

Have a great week-end everyone!

Saturday, September 16

Homey Tips

Thought you might find these bits and pieces handy. Naye, I didn't learn these first hand. I want to be domesticated as I want to be, but I am too novice a stay-at-home-wife to unfold any secrets. ;o) Had read these from one of the magazines that I had been reading recently. They aren't complicated nor sophisticated so any household could make use of them.

1. If you have a large surface to glue, spread the glue with an old comb - it works much better than a brush. - handy for putting on wallpapers

2. Cook sliced onions in the microwave until soft before browning them on the barbecue. They taste nicer and brown more quickly. - I only learnt here that barbecue should have onions ;o)

3. To clean the esky (cooler for you in the Philippines), dissolve some dishwashing powder in hot water, put it into the esky, top up with cold water and let is stand overnight. - I could use this, our eskies are really grunge.

4. When travelling, pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case you bags get lost or delayed. - Jet-setter, this is for you.

5. Before using a public barbecue, cover the hot plate with aluminium foil and spray it with cooking oil. Discard when finished. - Parks here usually have barbie for picnics on summer.

There you go! -D

Monday, September 11

Tennis and Breakie

Roger did it again. Kudos to him! Three in a row.

I was beaming with pride and sheer joy when the poker-faced tennis champion dropped on his knees and rolled on his sides after the championship match in the US Open. Overwhelming emotions could be overflowing to him, his mates and to his fans, especially to MAH!

The match was aired a little too early here but we were able to catch it as Hubs had to get up and let Lucky in after an hour of parade, meowing and scratching on the door.. just in time. Hubs has full knowledge that I am a big fan of Roger so getting me make breakfast (during the game) is like nudging a hill to move with your toes. Hehehe. But I was only delaying the inevitable... like Andy Rodick did... scored the supposedly championship point of Roger.

But the inevitable has to come. Roger won and I got to make breakfast. Just as Andy got a freaking $500,000 bonus check... I only got to make toast and Hubs the coffee... He got tired of waiting a steaming hot cup to make its way to his palms. Ahhh! That's worth more than a $1M points for me.


Mall Directory

This afternoon, I was tasked by Hubs to went to BShop in Westfield, North Lakes, to have his mobile phone repaired, better yet, have it replaced. (The LCD of the phone just bugger-up and you can not read sms'es, either see the number of who's calling and yet you can make calls).

Brother-in-law G, has to drive me down there and we both don't have an idea where is this shop located in the array of booths. The first stop we made was on the mall directory. Boy, was I surprised to see how they schematized it (pardon my ignorance.. hehehe). Instead of indicating the store number on the directory itself, they had the legend on the top most and had the alpha and numeric numbering system on the top and right hand side. It is in some sort like you're looking for the position of a dot in a graph. (This is unusual to what I constantly saw back in the Philippines).

I thought, gee, this is quite organized a scheme. We could find the shop that we came all the way down here in an instant. Well, NOT quick, until the concierge has to point us to the kiosk at the center close to the directory itself. We were looking for a shop on both sides up to the opposite corner, when infact, it was just steps away from where we've been.

Apparently, it wasn't a user-friendly nor organized directory at all. That is for me! But! What's get organized was Hub's phone! There! ;o)

Thursday, September 7

Blogging from OZ

Yep, I'm now writing this post from OZ. Been here for 10 days to be exact. I had a quite tiring flight, with an overlay for almost 4 hours in Hongkong. Tell you, I really slept at the waiting lounge. What am I supposed to do with those looong 4 hours? Strike a conversation with a stranger? Nah! Almost everyone around me was talking Mandarin or so and so. I was blessed on the next leg of my flight, I was all alone on the row of seats so I was able to stretch and had a good night rest. Well, I am just too happy to arrive to my Hubs arms safely the next day - Our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

I only had one request for Hubs for our anniversary. To watch the sunset. Alas, we overslept in the afternoon that we were not able to catch the golden/orange rays of the setting sun. But we've caught the naked view of the sun giving way to the darkness in Bribie Island late last week. That'll do. Hehehe.

Time runs so fast. I have been in a lurking mode for quite sometime now. I've been busy with a little of everything since then. Been always on the go and I find myself at Hubs side always on the road on the suburbs north of Brisbane. That was before we had rain showers that we badly needed last week. Now, I am in the course of recuperating from a nasty cold. The last winter bite struck me hard. And just when I thought I was doing fine today (plan of going out with Hubs again), the Antarctic wind started to blow in this morning and made me don my pjs and sweater again. Grrrrr.

Friends, I have been reading your posts but pardon me if I was not able to share my two cents. I am sharing the use of our PC with my Hubs at night for the Bonsai website project and some invoicing. I know, I know.. I have some catching up to do.

For some reason, I can not update my CBox. It must have been due to the new firewall system that Hubs setup. But guys, I do read your comments.

Dangkin - thanks for hanging on to my cbox. hehehe. i know, i just know... it will work eventually. (fingers crossed)
Jean - just changed the url of your space. thanks for letting me know. (when is your interview at the embassy?)
She - thanks for dropping by. i've linked you up. =D

I may feel a little laid up today, but hey the weather is good outside. Sun's shining soo bright, leaves swayed by the wind to the east, wind bowling and howling.. Spring is definitely here. And, ahhhh... the unusual... hot chocolate for lunch. Hehehe.

I want to conclude my post on the bright side but, I just can't brush off my mind the passing of Steve Irwin. He's a great loss to the Australian and even to the world. Oh yep, still on the lighter side... I know that Everything has its own purpose and there's a purpose for everything. Only God knows.

Got to go. Have to continue vacuuming the office else, I'll find cobra amongst the files soon.

Thursday, August 24

Small world!

Do not burn bridges, the world is small. I often heard this from officemates who are leaving the company. Thus, the mandatory 30 days turnover of function should be well and thoroughly done aside from teaching your personal strategy and approach to your replacement. It doesn’t sound bad at all as it looks like you’re leaving a legacy. Now, I find myself submitting to the same process.

Speaking of leaving, almost all of my teammates have been in exodus. Actually, I am second to the last. Not bad, eh! All that came about in less than two years. Now, you’re maybe wondering what work environment and climate I am in. You can’t blame it all to the company. It just boils down to the fact that we have a very lucrative, attractive and hot career. As the cliché goes, strike while the iron is hot and so they did! I am casting myself out, as my ground for leaving is more of family circumstances.

The people that composed the original team have been scattered all over the world but we constantly keep in touch (except for some – hope they can read this and get kicked by their conscience, that is, if they have - hehehe). We had build so strong a bond while working with each other that oceans and spaces are not a humongous obstacle that cannot be hurdled. Thanks to who-introduce-the-www and who-invented-mobile-phones-and-smses. The fact that touches me more is, we didn’t forget each other despite the infamous busy schedule of the career-oriented people.

Just today, I switched to prepaid mobile number, as postpaid aren’t practical for roaming services. The charges are on top of the plan so what the heck did I subscribe for that plan? (I just found this out after I returned from my last trip.) Oh well, I overlooked the thought that I might be going out of the country when I entered into that contract.

Going back, I did this so my families, friends and co-workers here won’t spend too much in keeping in touch with me. Oh well, yeah, I want them to keep in touch as I sometimes missed talking in Tagalog or Ilonggo while in OZ. I had been through that.

And talking of keeping in touch, just today, former boss cum friend, B, rang me up to humor me to defer my flight. She’s offering me a sub-con consultancy job. I was almost tempted as I really fancy myself being a consultant especially if I know the modules like the back of my hand. I know, I have so much to share. Plus the fact, that working with friends sounds comforting.

Anyway, the job can wait till next year. Borrowing Mc Arthur’s words, I shall return.

For now and until then, I’ll be content of hearing their voices once in a while or seeing their thoughts and feelings in words. That is sooo much better than zilch.

Wednesday, August 23

Just that...and I will be well!

I just sent-off my parents yesterday afternoon for the province.

Now, I am back to my routine.

I was able to start reading a novel of one of my favorite authors last night. I had done some shopping in the afternoon.

Seems, everything is back to normal. (Packing of some nominal stuff can wait for the week-end.)

Having my parents around is a delight to the heart and spirit. It’s been ages when I had a memorable bonding session with them.

We talked a lot at night before hitting the hay or when we were all flat on the bed.

Shopping is also one of the nicest ways to knit a string.

Since, it was Nanay’s first, we tripped to some historical landmark. It lifted me up to see them enjoy big time.

And traveling to and fro our relations were exciting. But that was so taxing for me. It had taken its toll on my energy. For me who has only been on the road for only 15 minutes for the office, traveling for more than two hours in the morning and afternoon wore me out. The fumes, bumpy road and careless driving (of some drivers) sapped my energy that I felt lethargic reaching the end.

I am not prepared to live in suitcases for that matter, unless of course I am on vacation and not going to draw on my brain. Lol

Meantime, I have to make use of the time left that I am here in Manila. I have some catching up to do with my work and friends.

Maybe, eating my favorite food before taking off will be on the list and running some errands.

But what I want most is to have my breathing and thinking back to normal. I tend to be in haste and forgetful these days. (Forgetfulness might be my mind’s normal shape – lol).

Blame it to my giddiness to be with sweet CJ. You reckon!

But! I have long yearned for this moment, when I have to pack all the memories and mementos of my entire life in Manila and set to OZ to join my better half. That time has come, momentarily though.

The sleepless nights and arduous packing will be well paid off. Just a smile. A kiss. A hug, …. Just the sight of CJ.

Friday, August 18



So much thought is running in my mind.. some has run wild. I want to slow down and enjoy the moment while I am still here in Manila…. Write some sensible stuff… savour the glorious jiffy.

But! Alas!

So much has to be done also.

Work. Turn-over of functions. Backing-up files and photos.

Meet-ups. Friends. Families.

Packing. Packing. Packing.


Packing again!

Hah! (Gasping for breath)

My roster is full until the 26th.

Will I ever find time to treat myself for a facial before I leave? I badly need it. It’s been three months.


When all of these are over… I am going to write more and often. If only…

But definitely, my holidays will start ten days from now.


Friday, August 11

Scroll Down Memory Lane

Last Sunday, cousin J asked me if I could help her in her take-home mid-term examination in Accounting. I was hesitant to say “yes” as I am not sure that I still remember most of my academics. Yet, I invited her over to the house.

There were 20 problems, all related to Practical Accounting II (that’s the program name in our school) – Types of Businesses and mostly focused on Partnership. How well I remember topics such as recording goodwill, recording capital of the partnership based on capital interest and profit and loss ratio, and the like? I would say, not so much. I was still referring to her textbook. But I would say and I am glad that I still remember the logic and the principles governing the computation.

Whew, it has been eight long years the last time that I have heard and read those topics (now, don’t start counting my age – hehehe). And my work background is not in any way and sense related to it.

But, my effort had been paid-off.

The night before last, she sent me an sms saying that she passed her mid-term. I might not answer all the problems perfectly right but the score fell on the passing grade. Which can also mean, I can still pass Accounting subjects these days without any review. (Well, only if the problems are simply put – hehehe).

On the funny side (Rol, I’m sharing your story here):

A friend teaches accounting (practical accounting II) subject to non-accounting students. In his examination, he asked “what are the common type of business that can you see in your area?”. Since, the topic is about type of businesses, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation, one would just choose from the three options. He was surprised when most of his students’ answer was “sari-sari store”.

Oh well, they’re practically right, isn’t it?

Tuesday, August 8

Counting My Blessings

Recently, I was so blessed that the good news and graces were overflowing.

I thank God for:
  1. 1. The generosity of Hubs to OUR Family here in the Philippines – as well as the blessings He had bestowed on US. We wont be able to share without those.
  2. 2. The good news that the OB Gyne told me yesterday – I went to Healthway to have the bump on my right tit checked. It has been here for more than two years now but I just brush it off my mind. I just had the courage to have it checked. Doc said, I should not be alarmed as it is just superficial (right under my skin). Warm compress would probably pop it out.

3. I have a normal hearing acuity – while I was at the Healthway Clinic yesterday, I also had my ears checked. I noticed my right ear hearing is becoming faint. I was advised to undergo Puretone and Tampanometry tests. The result according to the Laboratory Doc is normal, but it has yet to be analyzed by the Doc in Healthway ( (I am being positive that everything is alright – minor medications will help).

4. Reunion with the old friend – he was assigned in Davao for more than a year now and he was here in Manila for training in more than a month. It was nice catching up with him last night especially on his love life.

5. The cool weather – I was able to wear my long-ago-bought sleeveless blouse under a sweat-shirt. I just want to pair it with my blue pants. The cool weather allows me to wear sweat shirt even outside.

And for all the blessings that need not mentioned here.

What are you thankful today?

Friday, August 4

Meme for me

Seen this foursome meme in vina's.

Got me hooked that I did mine. Hehehe!

*4 jobs i would stink at
  1. politician - i was once and was so disappointed
  2. sales person - too shy to approach a stranger
  3. nurse / doctor - i might die ahead of the patient
  4. lawyer - (i might defend a made-up truth unknowingly)

*4 nicknames i made up for myself/other people made up for me
  1. Ers
  2. 'Day Era
  3. Ra - ra ra ra sis bomba. lol
  4. Putot - i guess the ilonggo of petite.. hahaha!
*4 movies i can watch over and over again
  1. the notebook
  2. patriot
  3. the chamber
  4. forever young - with hubs
*4 things i love to do on weekends
  1. sleep/doze off every opportunity
  2. cleaning the house
  3. watch tv/movies
  4. indulge on food
*4 alcoholic beverages i enjoy from time to time
  1. wine
  2. vodka
  3. piña colada (does this counts)
  4. bourbon & cola (sips from hubs)
*4 fantastic vacations destinations i would love to go to before i pass out
  1. russia / iceland - (would love to live a year to experience the weather)
  2. venice / paris - (love city)
  3. egypt - historical
  4. israel / nazareth - birthplace of jesus (when its peaceful)
*4 celebrities i would go on a BIG DATE with
  1. eric bana
  2. nicolas cage
  3. pierce brosnan
  4. george clooney
*4 things i could not live without (aside from needs)
  1. phone - when hubs and i are not together otherwise, not!
  2. floss / toothpick
  3. hand lotion
  4. pen and paper /book
* 4 gadgets i wish to have
im techno-challenged ---- none

Shopping in Pinas

Hubs had told me to buy something (girl thing), which is very unique, and the style is not normally worn by women everyday, for almost a year now.

Since then, I have been searching for it in almost all malls in Manila. I had visited Wacoal outlets, Triumph, Maiden Form in Rustans, St. Michaels and almost other brands of women’s undergarments. But to no avail. Some sales attendants don’t even know what it looks like, though how I managed to cheekily and sometimes awkwardly described and pointed out to them. Some would recommend something that’s entirely close not to what I want.

I gave-up on finding it here and tried to surf on the net. Well, the most famous brand (not locally available) to me is Victoria’s Secret, and yet, they don’t have the style that I want. Huh!

Then, yesterday, officemate J and I went to Robinson’s Manila in search for a gift to another officemate. Well, J knows that I’ve been looking for the said “thing” and she chanced upon it on the sale items. I was so thrilled that I immediately sms Hubs that we’ve found the elusive “thing”.

Hubs learning that the price is so minimal told me, “Buy ten”. =D He had been surfing the net for sometime now and found one in the site (UK origin) that costs GBP35 (ish). I could indeed buy ten with the price of the “thing” that I’ve found in Bench.

Now, we don’t have to scout all the malls in OZ (Brisbane Area) in search for it, which could be our next recourse when I get there.

And! We have saved thousands of Pesos! (I normally convert the price of clothing in OZ to Peso, makes it hard to decide to buy. – Hehehe).

Thursday, August 3

Off to OZ... Again

Yep, I’m off to OZ again before this month ends, just in time for our first wedding anniversary.

I was approved of one year multiple entry visitor’s visa with three months maximum stay from the date of entry. We still don’t have definite plans what will we do every three months. I might cross to New Zealand for a day or two and back again to Australia and stay for another three months or go back here in the Philippines. It has yet to be seen.

But what I know is, shortly after, I will be hearing the koalas cheers from the jungle on the next door neighbor property after their mating.
I will be seeing the possum/s playing hide and seek (mostly caught) with Our Lucky on the roof at night.

This will be a common sight whatever direction we’re going to from the house.

And most of all, I will be with my The One!

I know, all these trips are not practical but it is the better and interim way for Hubs and I to be together for sometime while we can’t apply for the migration visa yet.

Can’t wait!

Monday, July 31

Two and two

Friend J and I planned to watch a movie, The Break-up, last Saturday night. Before going to the mall, I checked the show schedule here and found out that the next show will start by past 7PM.

We decided to shop around while waiting for the show time as we arrived early.

I tell you, shopping around was a bad idea.

We enjoyed hopping from one boutique to the other that we decided to skip the movie and do the full-time shopping. Hehehe!

J bought a cap for a friend and I bought these.

I told myself long way back not to buy fashion earrings anymore (I have almost 10 pairs at home that I use once in a blue moon). But these caught my fancy. They can be paired to any blouse or dress and can be worn everyday. So there, I have justified my impulse.

But I like the pair very much and I am wearing them to work today.

We had so much fun. We capped the night by a dinner in the Ilonggo food restaurant.

On the fashion front, friend H promised to make me Swarovski crystal earrings for my birthday last year.

Well, she just gave them to me last Saturday. Late.. but!

Look at them… nice color, my favorite. (Pardon me for being a show-off but they are so bling-bling to ignore)

Saturday, July 29

What’s up for today?

It is the birthday of an officemate tomorrow and he chose to treat us today to a big lunch.

I’m full!

It’s also sort of a reunion for those who stayed and those who left the company for a greener (financial and career wise) pasture.

Today is the last 30 days of my career life here. It won’t be that long and I will be one of those who left for greener pasture. Only the main reason is family-oriented.

My days in the company are numbered. =D

Yes, I tendered my resignation letter, whatever the decision of the embassy to my visa application.

We haven’t received the feedback from the Australian Embassy yet, but Hubs CJ and I agreed that it would be best to hand-in my resignation now so the company will have ample time to hire my replacement.

But the power of positive thinking is working on me. I might be busy next week packing my stuff to be transported to the province.

For now, I have to prepare for the schedule of handing-over my functions to my buddy.

Friday, July 28

Cheer me up


Have you seen the attachment to a forwarded email where there are maggots on the lady’s tit?

Have seen it once.. and I really cringe (gave me gooseflesh)! I can’t bear to look at it again.

Until now! A forwarded email from hi-school friend has it. The picture is pasted in word document and took a little time to download.. and it was too late when I noticed what it was!

Now, the photo was inked in my mind for a long while and I seem can’t close my eyes (I feel like something is crawling on my feet right now).

It looks like I am over-reacting but I can’t stand those crawlies. I detest maggots, caterpillars, snakes, and ohhh.. any thing that crawl.

And to see it in human flesh!? I’m right on the edge!

PS. The sister (working in the international red cross org) of an officemate said that it was (is) indeed a disease in Africa. Bugs stick to clothes hangs on the clothesline and when worn, creep inside the human body through the pores.

The impatient me!

Yesterday, I felt so grouchy.

I was in a brain-wrecking meeting up to the late part of the day. I have been working on the customization specifications documents of the new project for this whole month of July and the drafts have been through a series of reviews within the group, with the technical team and finally yesterday, with the functional team.

Since, this is entirely a new system, just imagine how many revisions and alterations were done to the supposedly refined documents to arrive at the finish line. And it is taxing for me because once there are slight changes in one document, it went through the rest. Waaaaaa!

Ohhh, well.. that’s not entirely the reason why I was a cranky puss. It’s the impatient me. The waiting game for the decision of the embassy on our visa application is taking its toll on me. I was on the edge the whole day.

We expected that the result would arrive by Wednesday last based on the timeline the last time that we applied and the decision time indicated in the documents from the embassy. But I guess the result of my chest x-ray has its share of the delay and my case officer told me that she just got hold of my docs last Monday.

I know. I know. It’s my attitude. The famous lack of patience.

Hubs have to console me big time last night. So sweet. I was told to switch my attention to doing something like needlepointing.

And the upside? I was able to finish almost a bundle of yarn for my latch hook project. I am quite impressed with my attention span. I think, it went up a mile wide. Hehehe!

Wednesday, July 26


Being separated from Hubs for quite a while always brings myself back to memory lane and nostalgia-ville. I endlessly reminisce what we’ve been through especially those minute yet memorable moments that plaster a wide grin on my face. I could not help to recount to you the CJ-like antics and mushiness.


We always eat ice-cream after dinner, preferably while watching teevee. Drumstick chocolate favor is the usual. Normally, I only ate the cone of chocolate flavor and CJ is used to me feeding him my left-overs. That day, we picked a boysenberry flavor and I didn’t knew then that I would like it. I just devour on it and it was too late when CJ noticed that I’d eat the cone and all. He made a childlike tantrum because I didn’t leave him any. He was so serious and felt beaten. Hehehe. He made a good bargain though saying “I’ll just kiss you, maybe, there’s something left in your mouth”. Who am I to refuse? I found his antic cute. Hehehe.


We went out one evening to meet friends for dinner in Brisbane. It was drizzling so it is convenient for us to use the train rather than bring a car. It was late when we went home and while waiting for our train, I walked over the seat to rest my kind of tired feet. The bench was occupied by a lady and a guy sitting on both ends. Seeing that there was enough space for both us, I find myself sitting and motion CJ to take the place beside me. I was taken aback of his reaction when he wrinkled his nose and said mischievously, “Yuck! You want me to sit beside you?” I didn’t felt embarrassed though because CJ and I always make face. What surprised me was to see the lady on the same bench smiling to us. Hummm, maybe she found CJ’s ploy funny and romantic? I don’t really know. I just wrinkled my plump nose to CJ and said, “Yuck!” Hehehe!


It was the second week of autumn and for me, who is raised and has lived all my life in a tropical country, finds that weather a bit chilly especially in the late afternoon. We were going to the shop and I reckon not to change to warmer clothes but just put on a shawl or jacket. I asked him what should I don with. He impatiently but un-sarcastically replied, “Why don’t you just stamp FOREIGNER on your forehead?” Hehehe.

Being a Filipina, I am full of mushiness and childlike yet sweet way to express my love for my Hubs. This brings back the teen-age, slum-book way of saying “I love you very much”, which is 143 44! I didn’t knew then that CJ has no idea what it was, so when I typed it in our chat the first time, he said “What is that?” I thoroughly explained to him that it’s one way of saying I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! From then on, we seldom end our chat or phone calls without saying numbers. Hehehe, take note… numbers! It means, just any number after 143. Hahaha! And if I miss to type or say numbers, CJ would get back to me dramatically and childishly saying, “You didn’t type/say the numbers”. Waaaa! How childish can we get!


Tell you what the file name of this photo when Hubs sent it to his sister?

"Leave my t*t* alone."

Oh what a mischief!



We played golf when we went to Boracay last year. The golf course is spectacularly landscaped. The small bridges on top of the waterways were designed like caves and there were three. I was really awestruck when we passed one riding a golf buggy and he tilts his head to give me a kiss. He said it is our “kiss passage”. Isn’t he romantic? I can’t wait to pass the other two. But I only end up kissed in one because the caddy drove the buggy pass the third “kiss passage”. Waaaaa!

Tuesday, July 25

Cudburry Chocolates

A slightly late warning, but this might be of help. Some of the contaminated chocolates may still be in the market.


An investigation is under way after Cadbury withdrew a million chocolate bars which may have been contaminated with a rare strain of salmonella.

The possible contamination has been traced to a leaking pipe at a Cadbury's plant in Herefordshire in January.

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P.S. You can read related comments and stories just below the news.

Friday, July 21

Flick Update

Eric Bana to star in a historical romance.

Natalie Portman and Eric Bana are in final negotiations to topline Columbia Pictures' "The Other Boleyn Girl." Justin Chadwick has signed on to direct the historical drama, which is based on a novel by Philippa Gregory.

The story revolves around the ferociously ambitious Boleyn sisters, Mary and Anne (Portman), who are rivals for the bed and heart of 16th century English King Henry VIII (Bana). Peter Morgan ("The Last King of Scotland") adapted the screenplay.

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On the side note:

Dangkin, maybe we could watch the movie together? Your favorite author and book, and my favorite actor in one.


I don’t have much streak of fancy to historical romance and I could not bet my 100 strands of hair that, you like Bana, but I would give a day off work to watch movie with you. =D

Miss ya girl! (sigh)

Mushy – mush!

I just got excited when I read the above article. I waged on that we would be watching this movie where ever in the world we are.

Yet, I still have to know when will this be released. Or did they already start the shoots? Lol.

Coffee anyone?

I am not a coffee drinker. That was my line way back college days.

Now? I am.. and I think, an addicted one. There was one day this week when I thought the cause of my dizziness and dull head-ache was the absence of caffeine in my system.

I even made a special trip to the shop, just to pick my now favorite brand.

I think, I am following the trek of my hubs. =D

I used to make Hubs coffee, no fuss. One teaspoon of coffee and same sugar. Done.

But, that and with all the cups of coffee that I drunk, I still don’t know how to make one for myself. I want my coffe with cream and I can’t make the right combination of coffee, sugar and cream to make a steamy and yummier one. I always end up making use of what I can make. Sometimes, sweeter, bitter, bland or creamier.

And so, I just turn to three-in-one. Now, making coffee was made easy for me. ^-^

How about you? How do you want your coffee, fella?

Wishful thinking for Israel and Lebanon fit

Pitched battles raged between Israeli forces and Hezbollah fighters on the border Thursday, and Israel warned hundreds of thousands of people to flee southern Lebanon "immediately," preparing for a likely ground offensive to set up a buffer zone.

As the death toll rose to 330 in Lebanon as well as at least 31 Israelis, Lebanese streamed north into the capital and other regions, crowding into schools, relatives' homes or hotels. Taxi drivers in the south were charging up to $400 per person for rides to Beirut — more than 40 times the usual price. In remote villages of the south, cut off by strikes, residents made their way out over the mountains by foot.

I only have vague idea how this chaos started and went too destructive, but I dearly pray and hope that this will end soon, peaceably and amicably. I know miracle happens... and God works in great wonder!

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Thursday, July 20


again (sigh)

its gloomy outside.. been raining for fortnight now...

im being nostalgic without hubs on my side. (sniff)

if we could get lucky next week... i might be with him on our 1st anniv.

God please!

Thursday, July 13

First Piece

I am a trying hard and frustrated writer. I just attempt to write about anything. The attempt reached to umpteen times, but had only the guts recently to publish on our Office Circulation, Express Yourself section. Read on... and let me know what you think. =D

When I Grow Up, I want to be
Date Posted: 7/11/2006 11:05:55 AM
Author: Hotlips

How many of us are in the path that we really want, career-wise or otherwise? How many of us have achieved the goals that we dreamt of when we were no less than toothless, bothersome and inquisitive kids?

I would be happy for you, if you are on the right track, a street that you dearly see yourself walking on. Because I, among the many, have been for almost seven years of my working life, traveling on the street that I barely know and comprehend even after graduation in high school.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a writer. I can’t remember who my inspirations were but at a young age, I unconsciously honed my skills by reading a lot, talking endlessly while awake and at some point by writing.

But perhaps, my convictions and inclinations to those fields weren’t that intense that after high school, I fancied taking up Mechanical Engineering. Way too far from my “when-I-grow-up-I-want-to-be” pledge.

Four years later, I marched with my head high, alongside my proud parents among the eager graduates of BS Accountancy. What a twist of fate! Yeah, I enrolled to my course blind-folded. I didn’t even know then what job I would get after graduation. I was just often told that it was the most lucrative and practical program of my time. Yet, it was then for me to find out.

Sure thing, I quickly got a job related to my program. Time and events unfolded and I found myself propelled from one function to another in Finance Division.

I am happy and fairly challenged of what I do now. I am able to do things that I love doing and somehow have a “balanced life” that everybody is striving to have.

In the attempt to balance my life, sparing time for entertainment and leisure is a must. I then recounted stuff that I fondly do. I awakened the lurking desire to be a writer…a desire that has been deeply buried to the recesses of my mind and heart.

Is it now too late to embark on that new career? I reckon, no! Inspirations are over-flowing. I am married to a frustrated writer who has a knack for poetry. I suppose we will make a good tandem in the future. A leader cum friend (you know who you are) has been gently encouraging me to join the Toastmasters or write a piece for Connections, and this is it, for a start!

I am not saying that I will leave my current job to focus on my “first love.” I am just thriving to spare a time to make my little dream come to life even in an austere way. At the end of the day, it is always the things that you do, which makes you happy that counts.

Now, I have more reasons to be happy and thankful. It is a great relief to free a somewhat “caged” part of me.

Monday, July 10

Wish Granted


Roger Federrer made it against Rafael Nadal. Told you, grass court is his forte. =D

Though, I am a bit disappointed at the results of the Women’s Single Finals. Amelie Mauresmo indeed proved to Justine Henin-Hardenne that she owns the Australian Open trophy.

Better luck next time, Justine.

Saturday, July 8


I am a bit disappointed to the Wimbledon semis result.

Marcos B didn't make it to the finals. Well, he's still young... a long way to go for him. Who knows!

But, definitely.. I am ecstatic for Roger F. Got cold feet somehow (Roger versus Rafael) but grass court is his forte.

I wish Roger and Justine well for the finals!

= Cant wait again for the finals result!


Just sharing a nice story. Got this from ChickenSoupForTheSoul. Read on.

First Penny
By Bernice Bywater

My husband and I had birthdays six days apart. We always celebrated on a day in between by giving ourselves a joint present. One year we decided to buy a rosebush. So, on a cold, blustery January day, we set off eagerly for the nursery to make our selection. After much thought, we chose a gorgeous, velvety, deep burgundy rose named 'Mr. Lincoln.' With tall, straight stems, it's as stately as our sixteenth president.

It was sure to do well in our Northern California climate. And since my husband's name was Abe, we thought it a good match.

We followed the planting directions and by early July, the 'Mr. Lincoln' bush was loaded with lush burgundy blooms. I cut bouquets for most of July and well into August.

Years earlier, my husband and I had started a tradition. We loved to take early morning walks together. On our walks, the first one to spot a penny could keep the coin for the day's good luck. At the end of the day, the "First Penny" was deposited in a small crystal dish. When there were enough pennies in the dish, we'd go out for an ice cream treat for two.

Years passed, happy years when the roses bloomed and the copper coffer grew.
Then, it was over. On a July second, when 'Mr. Lincoln' was in full bloom, my own Abe died. There would be no more walks, no more talks and no more First Penny contests. I went to the garden that day, cut a bountiful bouquet of the roses and tearfully closed a chapter of my life.

Or so I thought.

A decade passed and on another July second, I set out on my solitary walk. As I passed our rose garden, I thrilled to the bounty of blossoms on the 'Mr. Lincoln' bush. My walk took to me to a nearby park, and, as I came up behind the bandstand, there on the path, shining in the morning sunlight, was a bright copper penny! When I got home, I took the long-unused crystal dish out of the cupboard and put my First Penny in it.

Each morning in July after that day, I took a walk and found a First Penny - sometimes shiny bright and sometimes tarnished - but always there. I began to look for it eagerly. I sensed that a countdown was underway, though I didn't know to what. One penny, two pennies, three pennies - more. At the end of July, thirty copper coins were in the crystal dish.

August first brought me the shining realization that the pennies were counting the days till our wedding anniversary on the eighteenth. If I found one every day between the anniversary of Abe's passing on July second and our wedding anniversary on August eighteenth, I would have forty-eight pennies.
Suddenly, I had a thought. Could it be? I counted out the years. Yes, it was true: This would be our forty-eighth wedding anniversary!

I'm not a superstitious person, but I got hooked. The small ritual became a consuming passion. Eighteen days until our anniversary! I scarcely slept at night waiting for the dawn and First Penny. I found the penny on the path in the park, in front of the convenience store, in the parking lot at the mall, and in front of the grocery store. Not a day was missed.

August eighteenth arrived. There were forty-seven pennies in the crystal dish. Would there be that last forty-eighth coin?

On the afternoon of our anniversary, I drove to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. On the way back to my car, I looked down and there it was: First Penny, shimmering brightly in the late-morning sun!
But there was more. When I returned to my car, there, on the hood, lay a single, long-stemmed 'Mr. Lincoln' rose!

I picked it up reverently and pressed it to my lips, allowing the tears to flow unashamedly. How could this be? How had he done this? As I stared at the lovely flower in amazement, a young man closed the trunk of the neighboring car and walked up to me.

"Oh," he said. "Sorry! That's for my wife. It's our anniversary."

"That's quite all right," I said, smiling at him through my tears. "Thank you. Thank you so very much." I handed him the rose, and he smiled at me.

"You must be thinking of someone special," he said gently.

"Yes," I replied, "and he's thinking of me."

Love makes wonder indeed!