Tuesday, October 24

The Work

The Business Activity Statement is due for submission to ATO on October 28th and today, I was tasked to do some accounting work without the coaching of Hubs. The statement should be ready on Wednesday the latest, giving ample time for it to be mailed. Hubs had been teaching me for quite a few weeks already and I reckon, I can now do it on my own so, last night I volunteered to stay today to do the bank reconciliation, entering payments from customers, entering purchases and what-have-yous, to at least lighten his load if not finishing it for him. I don't really much worry that I might make mistakes in any of them given the complication of the taxation system here as, this task is perfectly inline to what I was doing at work then. Discount the fact that we have an entirely different accounting system here compared to what I was accustomed to use and play with. But it's a bonus that MYOB is really user-friendly just like Oracle Financials. And being the system administrator and the user, we can configure all the options available to our own comfort and benefit. Buti na lang! We can edit or delete any record that was entered erroneously without being asked to explain and worst summoned by the "high and mighty" for an investigation and interrogation. Hehehe.

Yes, this can be a common scenario in a corporate world especially if the figure concerned is humongous that would attract everybody's attention. When you are given a superuser access to the system, which means security does not apply to you and put in a scenario where somebody would asked you a favor to do some checking and approval on behalf of her boss and very persistent, insistent and annoying at that, you're sometimes kind enough to accomodate the request. Add the fact that her boss is an absentee and the monthly closing of books is at hand. They leave you no choice. And before you noticed it, you have been emailed by your boss to explain why you are the last person to touch the transaction. Worst is if the request from the user was just verbal and you don't have any proof to support your deed. You're indeed, dead! Hehehe! Mahabang paliwanagan lang naman ang mangyayari with a tail of a sermon or reprimand. Hayyyy! It's funny to reminisce memories such as this.

Anyway, talking of system, I don't really have an idea what MYOB stands for until I met Hubs and told me that it is just "mind your own business". Sure I have heard of this system before. A friend was an accountant for a company that used this system but he never mentioned to me what it is, or maybe he had but I was just not attentive to his rumblings on the phone then.

In our last minute wrap-up last night of what would be on my plate today, I really proved that I have outgrow the classroom student in me. I can say that I have been an attentive student in the class before, reason mainly was, I don't want to go through my notes over and over again when I reached home just like a normal student would do. I have to understand the lesson at once at school with the teacher where I can raise a question or I should never understand it at all and on my own. Now, there is a vast difference that, you can attribute to the fact that I realized right on my first month at work which is, lessons in school were way difficult and complicated than the real work scenario. I don't regret it nor blame the curriculum or the teacher. I understand they were part of the training so whatever scenario I might went through at work will be handled smoothly and with grace. ;)) I owe it to them infact. I can never be a classroom student at work these days. I don't want to listen to lengthy explanation how things are done or the step by step procedure. It just makes me bored and divert my thinking to something else. I reckon, learning for me should not be that way. Some would call me, know-it-all-wart but I learn from my mistakes and successes. It is much sweeter for me if I have done it wrong the first time, I'll learn from it, then I can go on doing the same thing commiting minor mistake if there is. I should learn something first hand or the information supplied to me will just be floating in the air and who knows when am I going to pick it up and use it. Some things are only understood if you ask questions. Questions that were based and raised from experiment. For me, less information told to me, more actual practice and experiment, more personal research will lead to a lifelong etched knowledge.

Anyway, I am nearly finished with my task and have a partial idea how much are we going to pay ATO. I hope there are no mushroom purchases to be recorded in the last minute but so far, I have covered everything that I can think and see.

I am happy for this exercise as it gets me to use my brain.. hehehe. I have not been working for almost two months now and I sometimes think that the part of my brain that process my work before is getting stagnant. So far, I am proved otherwise. ;))


dangkin said...

way to go, girl! :-)

Princess of CJ said...

yup, keep busy! kunyari lng!

Surfergirl said...

wow era! galing mo naintindihan mo all that! si zk now, sumasakit ulo sa kakagawa..as much as i want to help him, di ko rin maintindihan. he has to ask help from his dad, whos an accountant. i guess i gotta learn that soon though! good for you ;)

Princess of CJ said...

i have ideas before and when chris teach me more.. i was able to finish last quarter. we've finished lodging it na! hay! one down. ;))