Monday, October 23

For the first time

I don't know how to cook. I think, I've said that more than a couple of times in my blog. But I think, I do love doing that chores. The reason why I don't is pretty simple. I don't know the knick knacks of what goes with a certain recipe. Yup, I can easily refer to a cookbook or simply download one from the web but I don't also understand some of the stuff written on them. Hehehe. Pretty lame but true. I am dumb in this department. I reckon, I can cook if everything is laid out on the cooking table and I just had to follow the cooking steps. Laid out means, all the ingredients are peeled, cut, mashed, and whats-the-name if they need to be.

I have been wanting to cook something for two weeks now. That something is a leche flan. We had plenty of eggs and I thought, I could use some for a dessert but I just didn't use up any of the eggs at all. Hubs said he needs to be at my side holding the fire extinguisher while I am cooking (big time insult for me - hehehe) and he doesn't have the time. So, I just forget the idea then.

But last night, I reckon, it's about time to do something new so, I took a bigger leap. I cooked "patyam", if you know what I mean. There was minced beef thawed on the sink so, I just thought what would go with it that the result can be called a meal. Veggies would be first on the list, I suppose. So I took out 2 potatoes, a carrot, frozen cut-beans and some "pechay".

The cooking that I know of, usually starts from sauteing the beef with garlic, tomato and onions. I have some cherry tomatoes and found onions but the garlic is nowhere in sight. Hubs later found one in a bottle. Well, I just thought I have to look for garlic clover not bottle of minced garlic. So the saute went without it as expected.

I sauteed the beef in a shallow pan and later saw that all the ingredients won't fit in, so I had to shift it to a bigger pan. Pretty clever, not! Hehehe! I poured three glasses of water to soften the beef and turned out that the dish is too soupy which should not be. I then threw in the veggies lot. I tried to overcooked the potato to thicken the soup but it didn't absorbed all the excess water. Well, it won't hurt to have some soup in the meal. I sprinkled salt and grind some pepper to enhance the taste.

The outcome! Yummy (no photos as it was served and feasted on right away)! Well, that is for me. It trully tasted asian and Hubs reckon it can go with his "square meal". That means, not bad at all.

I learned two lessons in my cooking though:

1. When peeling potato, carrots or sweet potato, position the peeler on the far end of the veg and peel it towards yourself. It is faster than the other way around but be careful not to peel your fingers.

2. Use flour to thicken the soup. I know this is common but I haven't thought about it while cooking. :))

Watch out for more updates to come from E's cooking adventures! :))


sandra said...

:) cheers to you for a job well done! sana may pics next time:)

Unknown said...

hey congrats! im sure this is just the first of many dishes/trial and error for you. enjoy :) cooking can be both tedious and therapeutic but its really worth it in the end :) its such a rewarding task!

dangkin said...

nice job! :-) maybe i should try that sometimes, too.. DH is getting tired of my adobo..hehehe..

Ers said...

mama jenn, i was planning to take a pic but forgot to brought the camera in the dinner table. ;(( next time.. next time... ;o)

jean, yup... when the cooking was done it felt like not too big a task at all. certainly rewarding!

dangkin, i should still try adobo.. maybe you can share your secret? this dish was just a typical "halo halo" of everything. ;)) you can never be wrong. hehehe.