Tuesday, October 3

And It Is Final

Due to the multiple entry visa that was granted to me, I have to exit OZ for at least 24 hours when the three month period is due. We haven't decided where am I going on my exit until middle of last week. Yep, we've made up our mind that I am just going back to the Philippines for now as we don't have the luxury of time to process for the visitor's visa to NZ. Things to do are just getting piled up for us that we hardly have break on week-ends. It is a blessing that Hubs and I are together most of the days that we didn't have to catch-up with each other on some lost time ;o). We'll just plan the NZ trip when we have the time in our hands to play with.

Going back, we decided this bit early as we want to book a cheap airfare, which doesn't sound cheap at all in Qantas. Hubs is just very loyal to the airline company plus the fact that we earn frequent flyer points for the miles traveled. These and the little comfort and amenities on board are the pretexts why we're always flying with Q aside from the One World side trip I had to Hongkong via Cathay Pacific, which by the way, gave me the experience of flying with other courier and the gauge to measure and compare how nice and comfy flying with Q is.

Speaking of frequent flyer points, my return flights on this trip was an award booking which save us the airfare. But the award flights have some rigid rules and rare availability. I booked my return flight way earlier as it is the only date available and then we decided to move it on next year and instead pay the return flights for my trip back to Manila. There is a fee for the revalidation and it was so fortunate NOT, that I don't have available points to cover it. Hubs can't transfer the points to me as it is only allowed once a year and we did it early on. We can't either purchase the top up points since the trip has already commenced. Cancelation of the flight is not an option then. Things that make you hummm. It really was a catch 22 situation. We don't have a choice but for me to go back to Manila early than should be and the saddest part is, it is on my birthday. Hah! I really am lucky! Hehehe! But Hubs had a brilliant idea. We will request a return favor from his sister to sell us the points needed for the fee. Fair enough, she transferred the points right there and then. Whew! And you think, award flights are free. Yeah, free fare but not hassle free.

And so it is final. I am going back to Manila on the last week of November and come back here four days later. Pretty quick holiday, huh! Yep, and I am really happy. True that I have settled here fairly quick but it is still nice to be back to the place that you used to live. I miss Filipino food and my friends and family. People here in OZ are nice and amiable but I haven't made any friend just like what I have back there. The closest I've got are my in-laws. I have also been making a mental note of food that I will eat and pack. Hehehe. My pallete is looking for an authentic pinoy food.


Unknown said...

hello era! yeah i have to agree more convenient to fly qf than cx --mainly cause of stop over. but for me mas pocket friendly the fares of cx. i know i should patronize cx cause i used to work with them but the stop over is such a hassle talaga! lalo na ung last trip ko, i got sick pa.
when will you apply for a spouse visa? speaking of which..ill have my intreview in 2 days time....dun dun dun dun..hope it will turn out ok.
btw era...paano mag lagay ng pictures sa header?? (sorry dati ko pa gustong gawin yan but i dont have the talent or the time to experiment how to) thanks! :D

Princess of CJ said...

hi jean! good luck on your interview. i know it will turn out fine. as the ladies mentioned in the group, you have a "geniune relationship" so nothing to worry about.

i have been telling chris to fly other courier with the dear price in qf, pero sabi nya, its comfy naman dw plus the food are really great which i couldnt agree more. yup, have read your post re previous flight with cx and you lost your wedding ring, am i right?

mga next year pa kami makaka-apply ng spouse visa.

nagagawa ko na ang gusto ko sa blog because im alone here. hehehe. since wala kang header background, just add in the blog header section this: background: url(the url of your pic);

if the pix doesn't fit the size of your header, just adjust it by changing the width, height and margins on both sides.. ako puro trial and error kaya matagal. kanina pa ako one hour after pag-gising dto. hehehe.

Unknown said...

thanks for that era! hmmm...parang di ko pa mafigure out..slow talaga ko ;p dnt worry ill try and try hehe . thanks again!

Princess of CJ said...

hi jean, this is the header section of my template. i just hope pareho tayo ng type of html codes: ;))

#blog-header {
text-aligh: center;
margin-left: 100px;
margin-right: 100px;
width: 800px;
height: 100px;
padding-bottom: 30px;
padding - left: 30px;
padding-top: 23px;
background: url(http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e260/eraofchris/collage-3.jpg) center;
hope this helps