Wednesday, October 18

Meme for Weirdos (I Suppose)

Been tagged by Jean and it took me a while to figure out my eccentricities. I think, I am not really weird as I find them scarse in my memory. Hehehe. At least I only have to put up to 5. But holy thanks, it includes our pet. Here it goes:

I am not so into sweets, I can't eat the whole drumstick ice cream at once. But I can eat sweets before and after meal. And I can finish a whole bar of chocolate or packet of scorched almond if I will eat it alternately with something sour or salty. Imagine me eating salt and vinegar potato chips or green mango in between bites of chocolates or cakes.

I am so preoccupied with digging anything in my or somebody's (I adore) flesh. It gave me satisfaction to dig ingrown nails, splinters and even ear wax. I think, it boils down to my curiousity of what's really down there. ;))

I adore lovely and cute babies. But I also like to see them bowl. Am I a sadist? Hehehe. Not really. Babies look cute and funny when they're crying and most certainly when they put on faces they're popular for. So when mummies are not looking, I pinched them or just simply annoy the wit out of them. Hehehe. Don't worry mummies, I just do it with my nephews.

I love reading but I am partial to some authors only. Some of my favorite authors were added to my list when I discovered their talents personally. And when I do so, I get addicted to their piece that I have a tendency of buying all the available books though I don't have the fancy to read them. I think, it is called collection, weird way that is.

My fave place next to bedroom is the toilet. Don't ask me why. :))

Do you think, I am weird enough?

I am tagging:

Mama Jenn

It's just simple, with these rules:
* List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
* Tag 5 friends and list them.
* Those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.


dangkin said...

gosh.. i don't know what's weird in me yet... i feel like i need to spend a night and think about it before i can write something! hahaha... uh uh.. i think that's one weird thing about me.. you think? =)

Unknown said...

hey era good to see your flip side! :p its those things that make one irresistably unique!

sandra said...

a digger huh? how about skeletons in the closet.... :D

i have to ask why the toilet (sorry ha, makulit ako ;) your toilet must be beautiful :)

Princess of CJ said...

same here dangkin. what took me longer than should be to post this entry is i am not sure if i am weird enough. hehehe!

jean, i have more flips antic that i could not remember. they are just spur of the moment thing that chris called me "dag". ;))

jenn, hummm.. i am just more than curious on anything that lay behind.

its not on the toilet actually. i just love staying there as for me, its "me time". no interuptions, i can think, plan.. and just be quite for a while.. hehe!

Mich said...

oh, i've been tagged! sige, I'll post it asap and better start thinkin about my weird stuff! :D

Princess of CJ said...

hi mich, have fun! ;))