Wednesday, October 18

My Do

First off, I want to thank those who have commented, complemeted and noticed my new look.

Yup, my new do has been here for quite a while now and I haven't got the time to write about it until now. I just felt like trash at the end of the day that I finished primping this blog that I left it, "just like that". Imagine, I spent 8 straight hours infront of the computer? I never did experience that when I was still working. Hummm, maybe because I was paid then. Hahaha!

Anyways, I had changed my template for an overnight before though. I like it because of the color, blue. But Hubs said, it didnt have any personal touch in it, so I was so accomodating to revert it back to what it was until I had the time in my hand to play with the html codes. You see, I only have vague idea on html codes and most of them are just guesses. I was then in dire streets understanding all the html codes in my blog. I had to label each code (paragraph) as to what part of the blog it was for. And the end of it all, I made it.

The looks of the my blog is exactly just what I want. But I am sure, knowing me, I have to primp it more in the future.

And yes, I owe a lot to photoshop. I did explore a bit to come up with my header photo. I want to do more but I need to shop for more enthusiasm. For now, I just want to be a couch potato.


dangkin said...

it feels good to be able to change things to the way you want it... and it feels good, too, to have a diff look every now and then--makes life more interesting! :-)

Surfergirl said...

hi era, your long hours of hard work really paid off...its a really nice look..clean and organized but fun at the same time. thanks for sharing me your knowledge with the header!! :)

sandra said...

i think ive mentioned before that i love this new template :) and im saying it again - love this skin. malamig sa mata.

Princess of CJ said...

dangkin, yep.its a feeling of fullfilment for just the littlest thing you've done.

jean, no worries...

jenn, thanks so much! yup, you've said it and i dont mind reading it again. ;))