Monday, October 23

The Card

*this post is quite late nonetheless, worth sharing

On the last day prior to Hubs birthday, I finally made a card for him. I have been planning to do so but with so little time in my hand during the days that we stayed home, it is becoming bleak to make it happen. Come Wednesday, he announced that it was our day-off the road because of the on-going project in the nursery. Well, he just made it possible for me to make the card. I made it in the afternoon but before doing so, I warned him not to come near the room. Hehehe. He is off limit. Hubs was just mindless in his surroundings and just barged in while I was in the middle of sticking out cut letters. Hummmpppp! Spoiler. Hehehe. Since, I cant do anything more while he's beside me, I just wait til after dinner to make the envelope and yes, I did. But I forgot to write my dedication and wishes, blah blah blah to the card, which all the more spoiled the surprises and sweetness of my endeavor. You see, I planned on giving the card to him right after mid-night but even so if I had write something on the card, I could have not gave it to him as I feel asleep early before 12AM. Waaaaaa!

Another funny side was, two weeks ago I meticulously encoded the birthdays of the persons close to my heart in my mobile phone and for it to alarm me during the day. Well, Hubs' is one of them. When the alarm went off the very early morning of his birthday, I was even grumpy to get up and put the alarm off. The alarm tune was not familiar and while trying to get out of the sheets and looking for my slippers with only one eye slightly open, I was silently cursing it "what in name is that sound for?". But was thankful that I had put the alarm on for his birthday or I may not be the very first person to greet him on his birthday. Hehehe. But still I was not able to hand him the card that I made. I had then after I scribbled some non-sense in it, that was an hour after we had breakfast. It's not late though but I feel it is gross negligence to hand in the card late. ;(( Awwww! Big non-sense. Hehehe! We just make it a habit to be the first person to greet each other on special occasions so don't shoot me. ;)

The card is just very simple but it's from the bottom of my stomach to my heart. Hehehe.

*yup, Honeypie is my latest endearment to Hubs. Came out one day when I was being playful and saying, Honeypie, sweetiepie, bukopie, pinapie, tinapay. Hehehe. He just loves it but doesn't want to be called that in public. Men!


sandra said...

wow, that's so sweet :) your hubby must be very touched :)

Surfergirl said...

happy bday to chris!! :)

dangkin said...

hahaha...just like me, my dear husband always said i'm a spoiler! can't wait for him to present me the surprise, i always have to peek whatever it is.. oh, i really don't like surprises! isn't it weird?? nah!

btw, happy belated birthday to Chris!! :-)


Princess of CJ said...

mama jenn, i think so ;))

thanks, jean.

dangkin, thanks... i sometimes is like that too. we need to have more emotional quotient, i think. ;))