Sunday, September 27

Busy Month

It has been a busy weekend and busy month altogether.  A lot of things happen in our family - fun, exciting things.

Got in touch with friends. Reconnected and shared a lot of news and laughters.

Busy helping friends move house.  A big month indeed.

New developments, new blessings, new beginnings.

All in all, a lot of things to thank the Lord Almighty.

Bitter Sweet

Okay, another chick flew out of the coop.  I'm the first to and that was almost 18 years ago.  I have been back to peck but didn't really stayed that long.

This time, it's the youngest chick who has a chick.  And it breaks my heart to know he went with a bit of a heavy heart.  I suppose, it's a sacrifice that one has to make at some point in one's life.  

On the other hand, this is also good.  I know, he's matured but this event will really test him and his maturity.  I am really praying that he will come out a better man than he is now.

Another blessing to the family, thank you Lord, albeit bitter sweet.

Sunday, September 20

I call this rustic

I grabbed this from facebook (if you are the owner and dont want this on my site, please send me a message and I will remove it). Isn't it ingenous?  I really like the idea of using a barrel for a sink.  I might copy this if we are going to build a country house.  

Bahay Kubo

Tatay built a small shelter at the block of land that we bought recently.  While we are planning and saving for the ideal family home for the whole extended family, he had this built for shelter.  It's really for his benefit as everyday he is at this place for work.  Also, we are planning to put up a garden while nothing has been going on in the building department.

Saturday, September 12

Bubu App

I'm really surprised that there are not many apps available that will help parents measure and reward productivities of their kids.  I'm talking of itunes.  Maybe, I don't know the keywords to search for them?  Maybe, I am stingy that I don't want to pay unless I have seen how does the app works?  

So far, I have read reviews, mind you not from itunes, for Bubu app.  It is obvious that English is not the first language of the developer or maybe, it's just me.  This app is good as it is free and you don't need to buy add ons if you are not fussy with colours and adding points over the limit.  Plus when you only have one kid.

I am not really serious in implementing all the points, rules and rewards but it is a bit fun for the family.  

Christmas in July

err, it's now September, I know.  But my poinsettia just bloomed and it was supposedly in July when it was the height of winter.  

I have this for 3 years now and it has been thriving on neglect.  I seldom feed them with fertiliser.  They get watered not so religiously but then it's in a water saving pot.

Merry Christmas from my garden. 

Spring Cleaning

the shed, anyway.  

Mcj has been spring cleaning the shed.  It's not really because he wants to.  Yes, has been in dire need of cleaning since we moved but you know, it's something that nobody really wants to do.  Today, it has been done or started as he needs room for more tools and stuff.  Funny that.  You would think that, he's cleaning so of course, it will be clean.  Make sense?

Anyway, I have done my bits of work around the house today.  I didn't contribute on the spring cleaning of the shed.  But that's alright

Saturday, September 5

Happy Father's Day

so around dinner time, I was told to "distract Dad while I get his present".  I wasn't good at following instructions.  how can you distruct somebody sitting across you eating their dinner.  Anyway, it was a great Daddy and Bubby moment when he handed Mcj his advanced present.

Happy father's day to all!

Junk Mail

those that are dropped-off your yar or mailbox.

We used to have a sign on our mailbox that says "No junkmail".  we intentionally put it there when we bought the house.  actually, it was more of Mcj's idea as he is so opposed with too much waste paper.  plus, it feeds my vice - shopping.

anyway, recently I had it removed.  why? so i can actually check the catalogue and decide which shop to go to to get a good price for the things that we need during the week. but i dont check it religiously really.  only when i have the time and inclination to do so.

but i do love to browse.  how about you?