Monday, April 24

Our weekend has been...

Everyone, how was your weekend?

For me, who is working six days a week, my weekend usually starts on Saturday night.

It was my immediate leader’s birthday last Saturday so I had a night out. Actually, some close friends and I crashed into their abode and party in front of television while singing. I can’t remember myself singing though; I was just enjoying the tunes and lyrics at the same time reading some interesting books and magazines. Well, that was party for me. Pretty boring for some who’s party means, drinking, smoking, dancing and sometimes doing some weird stuff, that is, if they’re already drunk. Hehehe! Nonetheless, I had a very good night and enjoy the company of friends. Oh, I ate lechon! That was the highlight. =)

More photos here.

A new member of our family arrived on this world very early of Sunday morning. Let’s call him Whalen Paul, Paul for short. At my age, I already have six nephews! Boys! Their mums already and will have a handful as they grow.

CJ and I didn’t have an online date, as his computer’s virus definition is not updated. We could not risk the important business and personal files over a few hours of talking sweet nothings. Hehehe!

My usual Sundays would be very busy doing the laundry, cleaning and re-arranging my dwelling, ironing of clothes, sleeping and reading just anything. Last Sunday wasn’t atypical.

But! Oh, the stifling heat of summer does not make resting delightful and pleasant. Given that, I was still able to snatch a two-hours sleep. Oh well, I didn’t grew-up in the comfort of air condition. That gives me advantage in the most distressed situation. Hehehe!

- Still looking forward to my Sunday siesta. =)

Saturday, April 22

Who said Tagalog Comedy Movie is corny?

Well, I, for once thought that way. Shame on me! If you’ve only seen my tonsils while laughing out loud last night. Heh!

I don’t have any intention to watch any flick these days, as I prefer watching old movies that I really love at the comfort of our house. But last night, I put-down all the thoughts of comfy seat and cuddly pillows. A group of my co-workers throes the mall where I am also going to look around the shops. With a little teasing and encouraging, I let my guards off.

I foresee that it would be a night of fun and merriment. I was in gang of wacky ladies, if you may call them that. (wink * peace). We were already teary-eyed from laughing even before we step in the movie house.

We watched the latest Pinoy flick, D’ Lucky Ones. If I would rate the movie, I would give the highest score. The story was just a superficial one but the way they made it, makes it more entertaining. Plus the good caliber casts that make up the movie. The punch lines are natural and the acting is just moderate. Oh well, enough said. I am not in the position to give a good review. I am not one of the critics in rotten tomatoes. Hehehe!

I really appreciate the flick and in my littlest know-how in movie, I think, I know a good and quality film when I see one. Just trusting my judgement. =)

Now, I think, I will look forward to the local movies with Pokwang and Eugene in it.

I can’t stop grinning until we went home last night… and up until I woke-up this morning.

I look silly! Yay!

Thursday, April 20

The Power of Positive Thinking

When I bought this book, I didn’t realize that it was one of the Best Sellers of Norman Vincent Peale. I got it from the book sale in the Caboolture flea market one Sunday, when I was still in OZ. I was actually eyeing for Chicken Soup for the Soul series. The owner of the bookstore even asked me if I had read any writings of the author, I said nope. He then proceeded with telling me the nature of the books of Peale.

Matter of factly, I didn’t even know that Normal Vincent Peale is popular. The realization dawned me last night while I was re-reading one of my favorite romance pocket books of Linda Lael Miller, that indeed Peale is really well-liked. His name was mentioned in the book when one of the characters re-inforced positive thinking to his partner.

My curiosity of Peale was aroused that I painstakingly researched in the net. And this is what I initially found out, excerpt from wikipedia.

For his contributions to the field of theology, President Ronald Reagan awarded Peale the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest civilian honor in the United States) on March 26, 1984.

Though he wrote much -- including 46 "inspirational" books -- The Power of Positive Thinking remains by far his most widely read work. First published in 1952, stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 186 consecutive weeks, it has sold around 20 million copies and translated into 41 different languages.

Actually, I haven’t started flicking through the book yet. It is gathering dust in my pile of “books to read”. Just another hobby that was put-off because of other priorities. But with what I learned about the book and the author, I would be compelled to have a sneak on it sometimes. Besides, it is another useful entry to my Talent Profile. :D

Honey, I now have more reasons to read the book. It is a constructive and handy supplement to your teachings to me. =)

Wednesday, April 19

Thrilled, reminiscing, relaxed, slacky

The night before Maundy Thursday was so exciting for me. I was too eager to go home to my parents. Sleep was so rare to me. If I had slept at all, I was like a chicken. I am quite worried that the alarm wouldn’t go off on time and I will miss my flight.

It turned-out that I was a bit early for the flight. I woke-up ahead of the alarm clock and finding a cab around 3 in the morning wasn’t a problem at all. Good thing, I brought with me the Readers Digest March issue that I haven’t finished reading; so staying at the airport for more than an hour alone didn’t bore me.

Most of all thanks to the company of Hubby who was awake early in the morning. He was drinking his coffee in the office while I was drinking mine in one of the benches at the airport. Just one of the few things that we happily do together separately. =)

Arriving at Bacolod Airport brought the feeling of familiarity and being home. The smell of piyaya was drifting in the air. Tell you, Bongbong’s store is close to the airport. Hehehe.

On the way to the airport that morning, I was hoping and expecting to meet old friends. I was not disappointed. The cab driver that I hired from Bacolod Airport was a neighbor before and the brother of my Elementary days’ friend.

The reminiscing started!

Sure thing, we discussed the common people we know back then, my relatives that he has contact now, what happen to whom and where they are now, etc.

Having known the taxi driver made me feel at ease and being away from Manila’s taxi drivers’ opportunistic hands was a relief. My apology, but I can’t avoid to be irked with some of the drivers here particularly with those who would say “dagdagan nyo na lang kasi matraffic”. As if the meter is not running when you’re stuck in the non-moving street. =(

Anyway, I instantly spotted my high school classmate after getting-off the taxi in the bus terminal. We shared seats in the bus and chatted up to our town. As usual, it was how-have-you-been and what’s-going-on-with-you conversation. It was pleasurable catching-up with long-time classmates.

Spending four days at the house was the part that I most anticipated. Actually, I didn’t roam-around as it was too hot. I wasn’t over with the effect of OZ sun to my skin and there I was again in the blazing hot sun and humid air of Philippine summer. Most of the time, you can find me just lying or sleeping in our nipa hut, playing with my nephews, eating, reading pocket books or sometimes watching movies if I can bear the steaming heat inside the house. I had the chance to have a swim on the river one cool night with the kids.

I went with Nanay to do the station of the cross on Friday early morning. We just walked from the house to the town. Whew! It was a good exercise and fun. I remember the last that I did that was when I was in high school. Don’t ask when was it, as you’ll know how young am I. Hehehe!

Occasions such as Lent in the province would not be complete without Baclaran style shop; gaming booths; pop-corn, hot-cakes and bibingkas' aroma waft through the air; and mass of people going to town to do the “du-aw”. I was one of them sans the “du-aw” thing. I was with my cousins enjoying the crowds, the food and the noise. Hehehe.

Seems the time quickly pass when you’re on vacation. The day to set-off had come. Saying goodbye was both fun and sad.

This trip was planned in haste. And a thing planned hastily had always its setback and makes you feel sorry sometimes. For one, I lost my eye-glasses before I reached the house. Then, on my way back, I planned to ride the aircon van for comfort rather than the big bus but the tricycle driver hailed the latter and I wasn’t dropped-off the road across the airport. I have to take another ride back to the airport. Whew! What a sad state.

The commiserations aren’t only that. I arrived early at the airport, I should be thankful of that. I was allowed to have an early check-in and so I did and then went to visit my friends. But, I forgot the present that Nanay cooked for them in the bag that I checked-in at the airport including the documents for my other friend M, which supposedly be left in Bacolod. Well, the documents travel with me to and fro. Hehehe.

I thought, I will be better off after all that happened but I was sooo wrong. My friends will be dropping me off the airport so I stay a little longer as we will not be commuting. The travel time would be fairly short. Alas! It was already boarding time when we arrived at the airport. Can you imagine the panicky in me?

The four-day vacation was all a jumble of emotions.

Another chapter of the roller-coaster ride “life”.

Wednesday, April 12

Amazing Google Earth

When I was still hibernating in OZ, my co-workers here asked for our address there. They would try to look for it in Google Earth. Streets in Australia were not entered in details yet so it was not likely for them to see it instantly.

But one co-worker is really clever as she visited another site and look for the street directory in Australia, then, note the landmark. She will then try to trace it in Google Earth. She was able to found her friends' and families' addresses.

We then tried to visit the online map when I arrived here to look for our address. She said, finding friends or families addresses give you the feeling that you’ve been there but just on the plane and can’t touch down.

And it was indeed overwhelming as the map is like an aerial photo of the place. Ah! The place looks familiar. =)

With our patience, eagerness and excitement, we’ve found our place in Queensland.

I sent this picture to Hubby. He asked where did I get the aerial photo of the nursery. He reckon it was taken two to three years ago.

It was said that the digital map was created using satellite camera.

Whatever the means was, the product was really astounding.

Tuesday, April 11

Summer = Holiday = Lenten

White sand, women in bikinis, men in surfing shorts, halo-halo, tanned skin, umbrella sans the rain, colorful fans, mob of people crashing to the malls, less traffic, humid air, sweat on your forehead when you’re outside. These are just some of the signs of summer in the Philippines.

People always anticipate summer.

For students, summer means long break from school. It is enjoying the sun and sand in the beautiful beaches with friends and families without worries of school papers, exams and what have yous. It also means waking up late during the day and not rushing to catch the bus, jeepney or train.

People like me also await summer.

I am not familiar how Catholic Church come-up the dates of the Lenten Season but as far as I can remember, it is always during summer in the Philippines. [ We were taught in high-school but things such as this is already beyond memory =) ]

[Lenten season is very significant to Christians. It is commemorated every year to remind the human race that God offered His Only Begotten Son to save us from sins. Believers mourn, abstain, fast, reflect, and at the end rejoice because the Lord has risen from the dead. For me, Easter is the most momentous bit as it is an immense miracle that Jesus is alive and is with us in our daily lives after redeeming us from the human fall.]

And it is also during Lenten season that everybody has a chance of a long weekend.

Everybody observe this season in his or her own unique way. Some just stay at home, some join a retreat group to meditate, some prepare to celebrate in a catholic way like visita iglesia, via crusis, easter vigil, attend easter mass, etc, and some head out to the beach.

Actually, some of my co-workers just left yesterday for Boracay and to other holiday destinations.

I, on the other hand, with no paid or not-paid vacation leave, can’t think much of anything to do this long week-end. Hubby would be very busy in our new business and can’t stay online for most of the time to talk to me, he thought, it would be better if I will spend the holidays with my parents back in the province. That was my idea that he supported apparently, which, I really appreciate.

I quickly booked a return flight and got the first flight of PAL on Thursday and the last flight of Sunday for my return.

Now, I can’t wait to be back to the province yet I don’t have an itinerary of what I will do there. I may just stay at home and catch-up watching the old movies. I bought 5 CDs recently that I have not seen yet.

Humm, making “kulit” with my nephews would be fun also!

Ha! Eating the bisaya delicacies will be added on the list.

More updates soon! =)

Saturday, April 8

Our Lucky One!

Try as I might to like cats, I really can’t cuddle one. We used to have lots of cats back in my parents’ place. They were just so annoying when they would come near you and whisk their fur. But that was before I met Lucky, CJ’s baby before he meets me.

Of course, I didn’t instantly fell to Lucky’s charm. I even felt disgusted and funny of myself when I remember our big argument concerning his pet.

Long before I came to visit OZ, I told CJ that me liking his cat is not a question. I would definitely not be his friend. He thought Lucky and I could be mates. He reckons, Lucky would keep our feet warm during winter.

Without seeing how CJ and Lucky were bonded together, I thought, Lucky is just an ordinary cat like what we used to have. But, I was really surprised when I arrived there that after meeting CJ’s parents, he practically drag me to meet the other member of the family. After checking here and there, we found Lucky and CJ introduced me to him as his Mummy. You would wonder what my reaction was.

Actually, I didn’t take it seriously. It was a typical, “he is just a cat, why would I give much thought about him”.

But that attitude of mine towards Lucky caused friction between CJ and I.

I have realized that CJ and Lucky are more than master and pet. They’re Daddy and baby. You would think, it is absurd but they are acting truthfully like family. It’s too good to be true.

But you can’t blame CJ to be very attached to his baby. Lucky is such a very sweet, baby-like and loyal creature.

Lucky is a Persian cat and was just a baby when CJ bought him. Now he’s more than three years old and all those years, he’s been CJ’s great buddy.

He would be waiting for us close to the gate when we went out. And I thought, only dogs are adept of doing that.

He’s like a dog that would run bouncing and go with us when we close the gate at night. And would pretend tired on the way back so CJ would pick him up and cuddle him.

He would keep meowing as if greeting you in the morning. CJ even talked to him if he’s meowing. As if he’s telling us how his day went.

But he is such afraidy cat. He’s scared of thunderstorm, terrified of his own shadow and anxious of any noise not familiar to him. A big cat from next-door once beat him and that caused his phobia.

I have witnessed how close CJ and Lucky are, and eventually, my cold heart towards our baby melt down. I even fed him on the latter part of my stay there.

Now, he’s taking my side of the bed while I am away. He’s such a great company for CJ.

I reckon, cat is man’s bestfriend next to wife, that is, in CJ’s case. =)

Monday, April 3

On the road to find out

I put on the music in my pc while working in the office. I am using the earphone though so I wont disturb my colleagues. I have variety of music saved in one main folder, but I have one folder where all my favorites are in, from ballad, rock, slow-rock and the sorts. Normally, I don’t listen to rock and slow-rock music while working. I just skip them.

But this one music had been on until the last part and it’s a slow rock sort by Cat Stevens (courtesy of CJ). I only noticed that it was, on the last part. And on the part of the lyrics that’s quite catchy. I even felt it’s creepy. It really struck me.

Yes the answer lies within,
so why not take a look now,
kick out the devils sin,
pick up, pick up a good book now, ooh.

When was the last time that I picked-up the good book? It’s beyond memory already. Oh my! Am I that big-time absentee in my spiritual food also?

I bet my good book has been gathering dust in the big pile of books that I have amassed. I didn’t even notice it yesterday when I was cleaning my room. Duh!

I know, its time to pick-up my good book again.

It brought the memory back the last time that CJ and I had been discussing the books of the New Testament. I can’t remember them all. I think, that’s another compelling reason to open the good book once more and start the reading habit all over again.

Now, I am wondering what fueled our discussion about the good book. Oh yeah, I remember. We were flipping through the TV channel and chanced upon the documentary about the writings of the Apostles.

We then went on itemizing who wrote this and that.

Btw, my good book was given to me by CJ the first time we met. It’s a KJV. I am the third owner of the book, that is, as far as I know. It was given to CJ by his Uncle D.

My good book has sentimental value to us and that makes it more special to me.

But don’t overlook the fact, that it contains the word and life of Our Lord and God.

A pressing reason to pick and read the Bible.

Saturday, April 1

Back to reality!

I am back! I was an absentee both in my blogosphere and in my real world? You would ask, what’s my real world? Well, my working life away from My Honey. Yes, I am back to the Philippines. Actually, more than a week ago.

It is nice to be back here. I had catch-up with my friends, officemates and people around the house. I had eaten foods that I missed; dinuguan from Goldilocks, kadyos from Ilonggo Grill, grilled chicken from Bacolod Chicken Inasal, chicken joy of Jollibee, and what have you’s. I had also my shopping spree in Divisoria and Quiapo. Mind you, I really miss just roaming around in such places. Been in the mall everyday since the next day that I arrived. Hahaha. My sanctuary? Nah! Just missing the noise and chaos. That’s a welcome change from the very peaceful and quite surroundings in Down Undah!

As my mum-in-law said, it would be wonderful to be back here, to feel comfortable with the people around me and to see familiar face and places.

She was indeed right! But I miss My Hubby so much! That’s another story. =)

I gave myself three days off before reporting for work. In those days, I was able to have our photos printed, made scrap-book (but still a work-in-progress), watched the movie that I missed while I was in OZ, (know what it was? Syempre, Juday and Piolo.. hehehe), and been to the malls everyday. There’s no really place like home when it comes to shopping and food.

Work has been alright. I seem like a celebrity in the office. Everybody asked me where have I been, how’s my vacation, blah blah blah. This is one of the moments that I dread, where I have to tell stories over and over again. If only, I can call a press conference and tell my story at once. Hehehe! But I miss my friends, so catching-up with them had been fun.

While I was still in OZ, the second thing in my priority list is looking for a job so I started applying through the internet. On my first day here I received an sms from one of the company that I applied for if when I am available for an interview. Oh my, I can’t ask for another day-off anymore. It would be so much of me! Luckily, the interview would just be through phone so I was relieved.

Up until now, more phonecalls, sms’s and emails are coming through relevant to work opportunity.

Even my boss offered me to stay in the company coz they haven’t found a replacement for me yet. Do you think it’s good news? For My Hubby, yes, as he said, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Well, I like the offer also. We’re giving each other a favor but I also want to open my world to other opportunities. I am sure, there is still another world outside my company. But, it is yet to be seen.

I haven’t given the commitment to my boss yet.

Thus, until now… I am still doing nothing. Hehehe. No projects yet. =)