Saturday, April 8

Our Lucky One!

Try as I might to like cats, I really can’t cuddle one. We used to have lots of cats back in my parents’ place. They were just so annoying when they would come near you and whisk their fur. But that was before I met Lucky, CJ’s baby before he meets me.

Of course, I didn’t instantly fell to Lucky’s charm. I even felt disgusted and funny of myself when I remember our big argument concerning his pet.

Long before I came to visit OZ, I told CJ that me liking his cat is not a question. I would definitely not be his friend. He thought Lucky and I could be mates. He reckons, Lucky would keep our feet warm during winter.

Without seeing how CJ and Lucky were bonded together, I thought, Lucky is just an ordinary cat like what we used to have. But, I was really surprised when I arrived there that after meeting CJ’s parents, he practically drag me to meet the other member of the family. After checking here and there, we found Lucky and CJ introduced me to him as his Mummy. You would wonder what my reaction was.

Actually, I didn’t take it seriously. It was a typical, “he is just a cat, why would I give much thought about him”.

But that attitude of mine towards Lucky caused friction between CJ and I.

I have realized that CJ and Lucky are more than master and pet. They’re Daddy and baby. You would think, it is absurd but they are acting truthfully like family. It’s too good to be true.

But you can’t blame CJ to be very attached to his baby. Lucky is such a very sweet, baby-like and loyal creature.

Lucky is a Persian cat and was just a baby when CJ bought him. Now he’s more than three years old and all those years, he’s been CJ’s great buddy.

He would be waiting for us close to the gate when we went out. And I thought, only dogs are adept of doing that.

He’s like a dog that would run bouncing and go with us when we close the gate at night. And would pretend tired on the way back so CJ would pick him up and cuddle him.

He would keep meowing as if greeting you in the morning. CJ even talked to him if he’s meowing. As if he’s telling us how his day went.

But he is such afraidy cat. He’s scared of thunderstorm, terrified of his own shadow and anxious of any noise not familiar to him. A big cat from next-door once beat him and that caused his phobia.

I have witnessed how close CJ and Lucky are, and eventually, my cold heart towards our baby melt down. I even fed him on the latter part of my stay there.

Now, he’s taking my side of the bed while I am away. He’s such a great company for CJ.

I reckon, cat is man’s bestfriend next to wife, that is, in CJ’s case. =)