Wednesday, April 19

Thrilled, reminiscing, relaxed, slacky

The night before Maundy Thursday was so exciting for me. I was too eager to go home to my parents. Sleep was so rare to me. If I had slept at all, I was like a chicken. I am quite worried that the alarm wouldn’t go off on time and I will miss my flight.

It turned-out that I was a bit early for the flight. I woke-up ahead of the alarm clock and finding a cab around 3 in the morning wasn’t a problem at all. Good thing, I brought with me the Readers Digest March issue that I haven’t finished reading; so staying at the airport for more than an hour alone didn’t bore me.

Most of all thanks to the company of Hubby who was awake early in the morning. He was drinking his coffee in the office while I was drinking mine in one of the benches at the airport. Just one of the few things that we happily do together separately. =)

Arriving at Bacolod Airport brought the feeling of familiarity and being home. The smell of piyaya was drifting in the air. Tell you, Bongbong’s store is close to the airport. Hehehe.

On the way to the airport that morning, I was hoping and expecting to meet old friends. I was not disappointed. The cab driver that I hired from Bacolod Airport was a neighbor before and the brother of my Elementary days’ friend.

The reminiscing started!

Sure thing, we discussed the common people we know back then, my relatives that he has contact now, what happen to whom and where they are now, etc.

Having known the taxi driver made me feel at ease and being away from Manila’s taxi drivers’ opportunistic hands was a relief. My apology, but I can’t avoid to be irked with some of the drivers here particularly with those who would say “dagdagan nyo na lang kasi matraffic”. As if the meter is not running when you’re stuck in the non-moving street. =(

Anyway, I instantly spotted my high school classmate after getting-off the taxi in the bus terminal. We shared seats in the bus and chatted up to our town. As usual, it was how-have-you-been and what’s-going-on-with-you conversation. It was pleasurable catching-up with long-time classmates.

Spending four days at the house was the part that I most anticipated. Actually, I didn’t roam-around as it was too hot. I wasn’t over with the effect of OZ sun to my skin and there I was again in the blazing hot sun and humid air of Philippine summer. Most of the time, you can find me just lying or sleeping in our nipa hut, playing with my nephews, eating, reading pocket books or sometimes watching movies if I can bear the steaming heat inside the house. I had the chance to have a swim on the river one cool night with the kids.

I went with Nanay to do the station of the cross on Friday early morning. We just walked from the house to the town. Whew! It was a good exercise and fun. I remember the last that I did that was when I was in high school. Don’t ask when was it, as you’ll know how young am I. Hehehe!

Occasions such as Lent in the province would not be complete without Baclaran style shop; gaming booths; pop-corn, hot-cakes and bibingkas' aroma waft through the air; and mass of people going to town to do the “du-aw”. I was one of them sans the “du-aw” thing. I was with my cousins enjoying the crowds, the food and the noise. Hehehe.

Seems the time quickly pass when you’re on vacation. The day to set-off had come. Saying goodbye was both fun and sad.

This trip was planned in haste. And a thing planned hastily had always its setback and makes you feel sorry sometimes. For one, I lost my eye-glasses before I reached the house. Then, on my way back, I planned to ride the aircon van for comfort rather than the big bus but the tricycle driver hailed the latter and I wasn’t dropped-off the road across the airport. I have to take another ride back to the airport. Whew! What a sad state.

The commiserations aren’t only that. I arrived early at the airport, I should be thankful of that. I was allowed to have an early check-in and so I did and then went to visit my friends. But, I forgot the present that Nanay cooked for them in the bag that I checked-in at the airport including the documents for my other friend M, which supposedly be left in Bacolod. Well, the documents travel with me to and fro. Hehehe.

I thought, I will be better off after all that happened but I was sooo wrong. My friends will be dropping me off the airport so I stay a little longer as we will not be commuting. The travel time would be fairly short. Alas! It was already boarding time when we arrived at the airport. Can you imagine the panicky in me?

The four-day vacation was all a jumble of emotions.

Another chapter of the roller-coaster ride “life”.