Monday, April 3

On the road to find out

I put on the music in my pc while working in the office. I am using the earphone though so I wont disturb my colleagues. I have variety of music saved in one main folder, but I have one folder where all my favorites are in, from ballad, rock, slow-rock and the sorts. Normally, I don’t listen to rock and slow-rock music while working. I just skip them.

But this one music had been on until the last part and it’s a slow rock sort by Cat Stevens (courtesy of CJ). I only noticed that it was, on the last part. And on the part of the lyrics that’s quite catchy. I even felt it’s creepy. It really struck me.

Yes the answer lies within,
so why not take a look now,
kick out the devils sin,
pick up, pick up a good book now, ooh.

When was the last time that I picked-up the good book? It’s beyond memory already. Oh my! Am I that big-time absentee in my spiritual food also?

I bet my good book has been gathering dust in the big pile of books that I have amassed. I didn’t even notice it yesterday when I was cleaning my room. Duh!

I know, its time to pick-up my good book again.

It brought the memory back the last time that CJ and I had been discussing the books of the New Testament. I can’t remember them all. I think, that’s another compelling reason to open the good book once more and start the reading habit all over again.

Now, I am wondering what fueled our discussion about the good book. Oh yeah, I remember. We were flipping through the TV channel and chanced upon the documentary about the writings of the Apostles.

We then went on itemizing who wrote this and that.

Btw, my good book was given to me by CJ the first time we met. It’s a KJV. I am the third owner of the book, that is, as far as I know. It was given to CJ by his Uncle D.

My good book has sentimental value to us and that makes it more special to me.

But don’t overlook the fact, that it contains the word and life of Our Lord and God.

A pressing reason to pick and read the Bible.