Tuesday, April 11

Summer = Holiday = Lenten

White sand, women in bikinis, men in surfing shorts, halo-halo, tanned skin, umbrella sans the rain, colorful fans, mob of people crashing to the malls, less traffic, humid air, sweat on your forehead when you’re outside. These are just some of the signs of summer in the Philippines.

People always anticipate summer.

For students, summer means long break from school. It is enjoying the sun and sand in the beautiful beaches with friends and families without worries of school papers, exams and what have yous. It also means waking up late during the day and not rushing to catch the bus, jeepney or train.

People like me also await summer.

I am not familiar how Catholic Church come-up the dates of the Lenten Season but as far as I can remember, it is always during summer in the Philippines. [ We were taught in high-school but things such as this is already beyond memory =) ]

[Lenten season is very significant to Christians. It is commemorated every year to remind the human race that God offered His Only Begotten Son to save us from sins. Believers mourn, abstain, fast, reflect, and at the end rejoice because the Lord has risen from the dead. For me, Easter is the most momentous bit as it is an immense miracle that Jesus is alive and is with us in our daily lives after redeeming us from the human fall.]

And it is also during Lenten season that everybody has a chance of a long weekend.

Everybody observe this season in his or her own unique way. Some just stay at home, some join a retreat group to meditate, some prepare to celebrate in a catholic way like visita iglesia, via crusis, easter vigil, attend easter mass, etc, and some head out to the beach.

Actually, some of my co-workers just left yesterday for Boracay and to other holiday destinations.

I, on the other hand, with no paid or not-paid vacation leave, can’t think much of anything to do this long week-end. Hubby would be very busy in our new business and can’t stay online for most of the time to talk to me, he thought, it would be better if I will spend the holidays with my parents back in the province. That was my idea that he supported apparently, which, I really appreciate.

I quickly booked a return flight and got the first flight of PAL on Thursday and the last flight of Sunday for my return.

Now, I can’t wait to be back to the province yet I don’t have an itinerary of what I will do there. I may just stay at home and catch-up watching the old movies. I bought 5 CDs recently that I have not seen yet.

Humm, making “kulit” with my nephews would be fun also!

Ha! Eating the bisaya delicacies will be added on the list.

More updates soon! =)