Saturday, April 1

Back to reality!

I am back! I was an absentee both in my blogosphere and in my real world? You would ask, what’s my real world? Well, my working life away from My Honey. Yes, I am back to the Philippines. Actually, more than a week ago.

It is nice to be back here. I had catch-up with my friends, officemates and people around the house. I had eaten foods that I missed; dinuguan from Goldilocks, kadyos from Ilonggo Grill, grilled chicken from Bacolod Chicken Inasal, chicken joy of Jollibee, and what have you’s. I had also my shopping spree in Divisoria and Quiapo. Mind you, I really miss just roaming around in such places. Been in the mall everyday since the next day that I arrived. Hahaha. My sanctuary? Nah! Just missing the noise and chaos. That’s a welcome change from the very peaceful and quite surroundings in Down Undah!

As my mum-in-law said, it would be wonderful to be back here, to feel comfortable with the people around me and to see familiar face and places.

She was indeed right! But I miss My Hubby so much! That’s another story. =)

I gave myself three days off before reporting for work. In those days, I was able to have our photos printed, made scrap-book (but still a work-in-progress), watched the movie that I missed while I was in OZ, (know what it was? Syempre, Juday and Piolo.. hehehe), and been to the malls everyday. There’s no really place like home when it comes to shopping and food.

Work has been alright. I seem like a celebrity in the office. Everybody asked me where have I been, how’s my vacation, blah blah blah. This is one of the moments that I dread, where I have to tell stories over and over again. If only, I can call a press conference and tell my story at once. Hehehe! But I miss my friends, so catching-up with them had been fun.

While I was still in OZ, the second thing in my priority list is looking for a job so I started applying through the internet. On my first day here I received an sms from one of the company that I applied for if when I am available for an interview. Oh my, I can’t ask for another day-off anymore. It would be so much of me! Luckily, the interview would just be through phone so I was relieved.

Up until now, more phonecalls, sms’s and emails are coming through relevant to work opportunity.

Even my boss offered me to stay in the company coz they haven’t found a replacement for me yet. Do you think it’s good news? For My Hubby, yes, as he said, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Well, I like the offer also. We’re giving each other a favor but I also want to open my world to other opportunities. I am sure, there is still another world outside my company. But, it is yet to be seen.

I haven’t given the commitment to my boss yet.

Thus, until now… I am still doing nothing. Hehehe. No projects yet. =)