Wednesday, April 12

Amazing Google Earth

When I was still hibernating in OZ, my co-workers here asked for our address there. They would try to look for it in Google Earth. Streets in Australia were not entered in details yet so it was not likely for them to see it instantly.

But one co-worker is really clever as she visited another site and look for the street directory in Australia, then, note the landmark. She will then try to trace it in Google Earth. She was able to found her friends' and families' addresses.

We then tried to visit the online map when I arrived here to look for our address. She said, finding friends or families addresses give you the feeling that you’ve been there but just on the plane and can’t touch down.

And it was indeed overwhelming as the map is like an aerial photo of the place. Ah! The place looks familiar. =)

With our patience, eagerness and excitement, we’ve found our place in Queensland.

I sent this picture to Hubby. He asked where did I get the aerial photo of the nursery. He reckon it was taken two to three years ago.

It was said that the digital map was created using satellite camera.

Whatever the means was, the product was really astounding.