Saturday, April 22

Who said Tagalog Comedy Movie is corny?

Well, I, for once thought that way. Shame on me! If you’ve only seen my tonsils while laughing out loud last night. Heh!

I don’t have any intention to watch any flick these days, as I prefer watching old movies that I really love at the comfort of our house. But last night, I put-down all the thoughts of comfy seat and cuddly pillows. A group of my co-workers throes the mall where I am also going to look around the shops. With a little teasing and encouraging, I let my guards off.

I foresee that it would be a night of fun and merriment. I was in gang of wacky ladies, if you may call them that. (wink * peace). We were already teary-eyed from laughing even before we step in the movie house.

We watched the latest Pinoy flick, D’ Lucky Ones. If I would rate the movie, I would give the highest score. The story was just a superficial one but the way they made it, makes it more entertaining. Plus the good caliber casts that make up the movie. The punch lines are natural and the acting is just moderate. Oh well, enough said. I am not in the position to give a good review. I am not one of the critics in rotten tomatoes. Hehehe!

I really appreciate the flick and in my littlest know-how in movie, I think, I know a good and quality film when I see one. Just trusting my judgement. =)

Now, I think, I will look forward to the local movies with Pokwang and Eugene in it.

I can’t stop grinning until we went home last night… and up until I woke-up this morning.

I look silly! Yay!


Anonymous said...

ako at bakit my angal ka?