Monday, April 24

Our weekend has been...

Everyone, how was your weekend?

For me, who is working six days a week, my weekend usually starts on Saturday night.

It was my immediate leader’s birthday last Saturday so I had a night out. Actually, some close friends and I crashed into their abode and party in front of television while singing. I can’t remember myself singing though; I was just enjoying the tunes and lyrics at the same time reading some interesting books and magazines. Well, that was party for me. Pretty boring for some who’s party means, drinking, smoking, dancing and sometimes doing some weird stuff, that is, if they’re already drunk. Hehehe! Nonetheless, I had a very good night and enjoy the company of friends. Oh, I ate lechon! That was the highlight. =)

More photos here.

A new member of our family arrived on this world very early of Sunday morning. Let’s call him Whalen Paul, Paul for short. At my age, I already have six nephews! Boys! Their mums already and will have a handful as they grow.

CJ and I didn’t have an online date, as his computer’s virus definition is not updated. We could not risk the important business and personal files over a few hours of talking sweet nothings. Hehehe!

My usual Sundays would be very busy doing the laundry, cleaning and re-arranging my dwelling, ironing of clothes, sleeping and reading just anything. Last Sunday wasn’t atypical.

But! Oh, the stifling heat of summer does not make resting delightful and pleasant. Given that, I was still able to snatch a two-hours sleep. Oh well, I didn’t grew-up in the comfort of air condition. That gives me advantage in the most distressed situation. Hehehe!

- Still looking forward to my Sunday siesta. =)