Saturday, September 27


I've been doing some online shopping today and found these lovely clothes.

It's just a shame that the shop does not accept paypal. I don't like shopping online using my credit card, that's why.
Well, I might be able to go to the shop next week anyway so I'll just drop by and check them out.
Got to dash out now, have to check if I've kept Jens' passport in our safe little box.

Thursday, September 25


Mcj's most awaited dental procedure was over.

Yesterday was a big day for him. It had been postponed for over a month and he was just happy that the time has come.

But, boy! We waited at the hospital for over 5 hours. Good thing there was a telly so I didn't loose my bearings.

The surgery was done under GA so I have to stay with him to keep an eye after the procedure. Mcj was sort of apprehensive and cautious of being under GA. He actually thought of the worst, not waking up. I didn't entertain the thought but I got scared only when he was out of the recovery room. Isn't it ironic?

Anyway, we are all glad that it's over. Though we're not happy with our health provider - it just shouldered $800 bucks of the whooping bill$$$$$. We'll soon say bye-bye to them.

Tag Me More

only if you're prepared to wait for a looooong time for me to post about it. :) I'm kinda busy these days.

Anyway, thanks Leah for this.
I love the blogs of these people and I’m glad to pass this award onto them! All they need to do is to leave the following message on their post when they pass the award on to their chosen eight bloggers.

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Hey Ladies: Eds, Mitch, Mich, Joy, Arlene, Dangkin, Vk and Yums, let's spread the love.

It's the Weather

It’s not been a month yet that we are in spring but it already feels like summer. Heat at 29 degrees is only most common on summer’s day but hey, nobody can stop it.

The weather is in extreme here. Winter was real cold – some even experienced the coldest for more than 20 years or so. Seems like we won’t have spring at all, just straight to summer.

I envy those who are just starting to building their house as they can design their auto air conditioning for efficient use. But with this heat, I reckon efficient or not, you’re going to spend money for the power in order to have a comfortable summer.

Friday, September 19

This and That and All

Our income stream has just been amplified recently. (Do you think, I can now afford las vegas hotels?) Which means, more shopping for Mummy. NOT! We’ve spent quite a lot for the past years – migration process, me flying back and forth the Philippines, etc., that we’ve made a dent on our savings. So for now, it’s payback time.

We’re working on increasing our budget for our trip back to the Philippines. A trip which is always on the making. I don’t see ourselves making the trip this year but we want to make sure that we’re going to fly back home before Jens turns 2 years old – which he will have to pay for adult fare. We’ve checked the airfare in Qantas and it is whooping dear. Oh well, we’ll be there when we’re there.

Missing Telly

Since I am always busy for a month now, I don’t get to watch my favourite telly shows anymore – like, classic All Saints, In the Night Garden (Jens’), M*A*S*H, etc. Plus all those reports. Consolation is, at least I don’t get to see reports that are very disturbing or petty – celebrity this and that is under a drug treatment or this icon is in drug rehab, blah.

There are lots of things that I miss. I know. Blogging is on the top. But mind you, though how busy I am, I get to see movie/s at night. We have an ever increasing collection of movies that I feel compelled to see them and it’s my de-stressor. Yet, I still get to sleep before 11PM. The beauty of not doing anything after dinner or of not making any dinner at all.

But on the blogging front, someday I can make it up to you friends. Things would go quite eventually and I can fit in blogging on top of the things that I have to do.

We're a Spectacle

Mcj had just availed one of the extras in our family health insurance – spectacles.

We set the eye check-up appointment almost a month in advance for the two of us. Then, during that day I decided to drop by the library to borrow some text books so we were half hour late and because it took half an hour for each person, the optometrist can only accommodate one because he had another patient coming in half an hour time. Ok. So, I pass up that day.

But before leaving the shops, we booked me another appointment which is tomorrow. I’ve already chosen the type of spectacles that I want when we picked-up Mcj’s. I was allowed to choose a dearer pair as we got a discount voucher from Mcj’s niece. A whooping 40%, that’s on top of our family health insurance rebate. But I am still expecting cash out of at least 200 bucks. But it might be lower than that. Well, see.

Wednesday, September 3

Iggle Piggle :)

Jens had been missing his favourite telly show, In The Night Garden. I can’t really tell how much but from what I heard from his Nan and Dad, he missed quite a lot. When he stayed home last Monday, and accidentally turn the telly on Channel 2 (where the show is aired), he was beaming from ear to ear and actually making a fuss about all the characters. We’re supposed to buy him DVD or books of the show but we forgot when we were at the shop.

I got some downloadable audio books but he is not up to them yet. They’re too grown-ups in style that they won’t interest the Big guy. But he loves books so for now, his book collection will do plus a little increment every time we go to the shop is very much appreciated.


There’s just not enough time during the day to do all my tasks. I’m not that busy at night but most often I ended up going to sleep early when I get Jens to sleep. It is only sometimes when some of my bones are energised that I get to face the computer – to blog, reply to emails, chat, or just plainly surf and read. Just like tonight.

I am not that busy but I am just stressed so I de-stress most of the times rather than resorting to acne treatment in the future.

But truth be told, I love my schedule now. I get to be more organised. Yes, I need more practise in that department so this is the perfect time to do it. Plus, I am honing my motherly instincts and skills. I plan in advance and tend to remember stuff that I need to do unlike before when I don’t have a schedule, I slack all the time. Then, I do multi-task but I still waste time. Now, I just waste time when my hands were already full that I have to do a second round.
Oh well, changes come and I am coping well.