Saturday, September 27


I've been doing some online shopping today and found these lovely clothes.

It's just a shame that the shop does not accept paypal. I don't like shopping online using my credit card, that's why.
Well, I might be able to go to the shop next week anyway so I'll just drop by and check them out.
Got to dash out now, have to check if I've kept Jens' passport in our safe little box.


Mitch said...

I love the brown one!

arlene said...

i love the top white one!

Eid is the end of ramadan (month of fasting and prayer). it's like the passover feast in the Biblical olden times. parang new year din.

they worship, they celebrate, they give gifts this day and i think it lasts for several days.

cielo said...

ako din i love the brown teen daughter will surely love it too