Monday, October 6


acne. I got something like it now in the area between my eyes, just at the top of the bridge of my nose. It's the famous spot for zits. It's not the type of the month. I can't say that I always get it, though I have an oily skin. It's just a sign of lack of sleep.

Two nigts ago, Jens was not feeling well. He was whingy and at mitnight he was running a temperature. Worst of all, we ran out of baby paracetamol. (We went shopping that day but daggy Mum forgot to buy.) So I just put ice pack on his neck to cool him down. At 3PM, all the ice had melted so Mcj wet a rag and we wound it on Jens' neck. He wasn't that whingy at all. I was just worried that his temperature would shot up. Jens even wanted to play so we did until we both got tired (I was actually tired). I expected him to sleep but didn't. He was awake at six and went back to bed at 7:30. Unfortunately for me, I have to get up then to do my weekly routine.

I haven't made up for my lost sleep yet. Maybe tonight so this old zit will go away soon.