Thursday, October 30

Up To Something!

Read this somewhere:
And remember that a baby who is quiet for a very long time could be enjoying entertainment of a dangerous or messy kind! Instead of enjoying the peace, check quickly!

My mother-in-law always reminds me that when the young ones are quite, they are up to something cheeky. And yes, so true!

We were all at the living room watching telly, talking and Jens playing with his toys or from time to time walk from the kitchen back to the lounge. We were used of him away for a minute. Little did we know that he had ventured off to the toilet and pulled the tissue from the roll, making heap on the floor and the card board roll in the toilet bowl. He just gave us all a cheeky grin when he was caught.

Now, I’m getting wary if he’s gone quite for a few seconds so, I am always on the alert mode especially when he’s in the kitchen as he has a fetish on opening the cupboard under the kitchen sinks where the potatoes and onions on one side are kept and the cleaning stuff on the other.

When I know that there are just the two of us around, I let him play but I always check on him. And actually, Jens is a show-off baby. He always wants somebody to look at him when he’s doing something – might want to be an actor someday. :)


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