Thursday, October 30


Even if the economy is on the verge of recession or according to some economist/business analyst/blah, we are already on it, I’m always on the spending mode. Much to Mcj’s annoyance.

I can’t help it. I am not spending all the time but if I conceived something in my mind, I would immediately hop in front of the machine and look it up the net, check the features, uses, read reviews, know the prices, where I can buy it, etc. Along the way, I would find something interesting then one thing lead to another. And because sometimes, I just left the browser open on my computer, what will hit your eyes when you look at my screen would be shopping websites.

Talking of the most controversial hobby and my favourite “sports”, I have been brewing some ideas for presents for our rellies when we go for a holiday next year. Some wholesale items that can be bought at the coast. I know the name of the place and some products that they sell. I also know somebody working there, I don’t know where is the store. But that’s easy to remedy. The biggest problem is, would Mcj agree with my budget? I’m crossing my fingers.