Thursday, October 16

Borrow, Don't Buy

That's my motto when it comes to books.

Since, I found out that I can borrow books (read: paperbacks) that are just recently published from our subur's library, I don't spend on books anymore. I know that buying books is like building up a collection and I really know the feeling of amassing them. But for now, I don't want to create more mortgage for me. We are running out of storage space. :)

Registering at the library was one of the best things that I ever did to save money. I get to read the latest release without having to spend a penny. Well, a penny maybe for the fuel in going to and fro.

I also get to borrow audio materials and some books for Jens. Because let's face it, however many the kids books are, they will eventually get tired of them. :) So variety is a like a holiday.

I've borrowed so much and read so many but there's one book that I would love to recomment to everybody. Sundays at Tifanny by James Patterson. I don't really know how to give a good review but I will give this one a thumbs up. It is a very light read, words are so simple to understand, just your common English words, simple story, too few characters but you can't put it down.


Anonymous said...

that's my thinking, too, sis! pero when i got no book worm neighbors, ay bibili nalang ako when i can. :)

btw, tagged u here:

take care.