Thursday, October 16

Soup Recipe

Almost every weekend, I make soup for Jens and Mcj. I don't have a recipe for it. I don't use too many different ingredients or something dear. Nor do I buy something special for it, say adding a new item on my shopping list. I don't but I am proud of my cooking.

When we have chicken wings for dinner, we don't cook the bonny part. We cut it up. Used to give to the cat, but Lucky doesn't like them anymore. There goes my meat. Sometimes, some of them will have this un-grown feathers in them, I took them off. I cut up a couple of carrots, some cubes of pumpkin and a piece of potato cut in four. Plus my special ingredient, split peas (or you can use any beans). Jens doesn't like the skin, it sticks in his mouth or whatever reason it. He just simply doesn't like it. Split peas have no skin in them. The peas or beans will thicken the soup. I also throw in whatever left over is in the fridge. No salt or seasoning. Slow cook for about two hours or until thick enough. By then all the ingredients will be mashy.

It is yummy. It will taste, naturally sweet because of the pumpkin and carrot. Your kids will love it. It doesn't need so much effort to do. All natural flavours.

And the chicken wings? If you don't like the bones, you can fish it out and give to the birds or cats or whatever.

I haven't taken any photos. It's not that my SD card is full. It just didn't occur to me to take some photos. :) Maybe this weekend.