Thursday, October 23

The Weekend That Was

This sounds late but our last weekend was as usual busy. It didn’t rain so I was able to do my two weeks washing and dry them. I cooked dinner for 2 days. I think, I am confident now that I can be able to construct a meal from scratch.

We watched the movie The Shawshank Redemption that I recorded last weekend. We’ve seen it before but I want to have a copy of it. And it’s our hobby to watch movies that we like over and over again.

It was Mcj’s happy today last Sunday. Not an eventful day because he was and still is busy at work.

I had another driving lesson, early Sunday for 1.5 hours. The instructor, D, said that I’m getting there. My steering and speed control is getting better. Turning is now a minor problem. We went through reverse parking, simple parking, u-turn in a T-intersection, three point turn, etc. Got another lesson next week.

How’s your weekend? I hope it was fun and you didn’t use weight loss pills to shed those unwanted pounds gained from weekend indulgence and decadence.