Friday, March 23

Crawling Back

It's been almost a month since I had my last blogging session. I'm slowing crawling back into the groove. It's not hard to get hooked but I have added to my already many hobbies and interests. I've been into home decorating and craft - mind you, I have not made so many that I can share but I am proud of the few that I did. I have been busy, not making any, but surfing, looking at magazines and just plain admiring them.

I have always thought that we have busy weekends but I realised not really. It just seemed busy because I have factored in our relaxation and those activities took up a lot of our time. I'm due for another time off work soon aside from the coming holidays. There are so many things to look forward to. Hence, busy. Life is good (not unless to those who have to go through ecg, then I wish them luck).

Oh, QLD votes tomorrow. Whoever wins, I certainly hope they'll make QLD a must better place to live - at a lower cost.


Under the Tuscan Sun

Now, this is a feel good movie not because of it being a lovey-dovey romantic kind but just because of the people and the scenery. Makes you wish you'd one live in a place like Tuscany - I know I have been dreaming of a villa or a small cottage overlooking a cliff. I'm not really sure if it's in Tuscany but somewhere with rolling hills and vineyards. It could be anywhere in the world.

I digress. Anyway, what I like in this movie other than what I have already mentioned is the renovation of the house. Sure I didn't see basement tiles but the structure and the foundation, it's homey. Well, my definition of homey is the classic, that's why.

This certainly will stay in my DVD collections.